Miss Actress Next Door
Miss Actress Next Door
Author: eniola_writes

hello guys, thanks for checking out this book.

i promise it will be well worth it.

love y'all.


My mind and heart were all over the place as I stared straight into his blue grayish eyes, this time not looking away.

“What do you want Liz?”

I gulped,



Lizzy Greene, a popular actress and heiress to a multimillionaire company attends ‘the royals’ high school. School for the rich and high status.

What happens when the new hot guy expected at her school is actually her neighbor next door?

Noah King, a handsome, egoistic, hot bad boy transfer to a new school and state far from home only to find out that the popular actress was his neighbor next door.

The both of them both have their scars and secrets.

With all the secrets in the open, will they be able to become more than just neighbors?

Find out in this story of love, betrayal, heartbreak, secrets and friendship.

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Olakunle Bolarinwa
Thank you for this beautiful story. It's interesting.

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