Tell Him

"Joan, are you feeling better?" Joan Belle heard Christopher's voice on the other line.

Right after Shantal left, she called him immediately. She had to. She had six missed calls from him last night, and it was not like Christopher to call him so many times.

Heck! He rarely called her. 

"Yes, I'm fine now. Thank you for your concern," she said. "I'm sorry, I missed your party. I just - I just wanted to rest it out. Cole brought me home instead. I did not stay in his hotel room."

'I could not stand the sight of you being with another woman. I just could not,' she spoke only in her mind while holding the phone up to her ears.

"I see. That's a relief," Christopher softly said. "I mean, that you are better."

Her brows furrowed at his words, but just went on to ask, "Chris, you are dating Shantal Lin?"

There was an odd silence on the other line before he said, "Yes. Yes, I am. In fact, I am meeting her today. Would you like to join us for lunch?"

It was shocking to her. He never once invited her out, but now he was. Then again, it was his lunch date with Shantal. She will only be oozing with jealousy should she go. She naturally declined and said, "No, it's your special time with your date. Enjoy your lunch with her."

She cleared her throat and said, "Anyway, I'm having lunch with Cole... So enjoy it. Goodbye."

Joan was quick to put down the phone. She simply sent a text message to Cole, saying, "Should Chris ask, tell him we are having lunch together today, okay?"

Cole replied, "Fine, but you owe me lunch."

"I'll send you packed lunch one of these days," her only reply to the playboy. 

Joan buried the idea of getting coached by Cole. Why would she? The farther away she was from that Casanova, the safest she was. 

Of course, she received a reply from him, reminding her of his offer, but she ignored it. His conditions required to change herself and she refused to heed to the idea. 

The next day, following Shantal Lin's visit to her shop, the TV network aired the news of the surprising relationship with Christopher Hale and the rising singer, Shantal Lin.

Photos of the two were posted, being sweet during his birthday party, as well as a lunch date on another occasion.

It naturally affected Joan that she sought the comfort of her girl best friend, Lina Clark. 

Lina Clark was her classmate in college. While they both took up marketing, on the side Joan had always loved to design clothes since she was young. 

Her girl best friend was another famous socialite. Their family owned a famous pharmaceutical company, and it was there that Lina chose to devote her career, being the company's marketing director. 

"We are here, Miss Joan," told her driver, Alfred. "Do you want me to wait for you?"

Joan looked at the Pharma company from the window of her car and revealed, "No need, Alfred. Lina and I may spend some time together. I don't want you to wait."

She made her way to her best friend's office, and it was there that the two covered her undying love for Christopher Hale. 

"I hate to break it to you, Joan, but Chris had never publicly announced a girlfriend before," said Lina before giving a sneer. She was sitting behind her desk, reading the article about Shantal Lin and Christopher. 

Lina scanned a few more photos, flipping from one website article to another before she declared, "I think this is serious shit."

Joan had been walking in circles in front of her girl best friend. When Shantal Lin came to her office the other day, she earnestly thought she may have a chance with Chris. Why else would the singer go after her in the first place?

"I can't accept it," Joan said. She turned to Lina and bit her lip. "The way she threatened me - I felt like it might have ignited from something - somehow!"

"You know what, Joan. Stop beating around the bush and just tell him. For your sake and for the sake of all of us around you! Tell the man that you love him!" Told Lina. She closed her laptop and said, "Find out... once and for all what he really feels about you!"

Lina shrugged and added, "For how many years have we been second-guessing? Don't you think it's high time to put an end to your madness? If he responds to you, then good! If he doesn't, I beg you, please... please stop."

The truth was, Lina had been equally hurt, seeing her best friend go through so much for many years now, one-sidedly loving Christopher Hale. She saw Joan Belle halt her own career just so she could persistently see the man. 

It was late last year when a famous Italian designer wanted to take JB Vogues to Paris, France. Joan obviously refused, for she could not take it, being away from Christopher for more than a week. It wasn't like they were together. 

In fairness to Joan, Lina thought, Christopher was utterly confusing. He treats Joan sincerely like a friend, but when she was not around, he would go about looking for her. She took a deep breath, recalling the night of Christopher's birthday. 

Two nights before.

Lina Clark and her family arrived late at Christopher Hale's grand birthday party. They were invited, obviously, being a famed family as they were. 

When Lina arrived, the first thing she did was looked for Joan, but her parents told her she was unwell and that Joan returned home. 

She assumed it was true, but in the middle of the party, Christopher came to her, specifically asking where Joan was. 

Back then, he said, "Miss Clark, have you heard from Joan? She is not answering my call."

He cleared his throat before adding, "It's - it's not like her to miss my birthday party."

Unfortunately, their conversation was interrupted with Shantal Lin came after him, hooking her arms on Christopher's. 

"Chris, why are you suddenly leaving without me?" Shantal asked, giving Lina that look. 

Lina could tell, the singer thought of her as a menace. 

"I was just looking for my friends, Joan and Cole. They haven't returned," replied Christopher to Shantal. 

Ignoring the eyes of the singer, Lina told Christopher, "Don't worry, Chris. You know her. She will always find time to talk to you. I'm sure she has her reason for not being here. She would never miss your party. She never has."

For the remaining hours of Christopher Hale's party, Lina saw how uneasy he was. From the table where he sat, he was constantly eyeing his phone, as if waiting for someone. 

Lina earnestly thought Christopher was longing for Joan's presence, but why?

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Sonia Aka Debs
Maybe Chris is selfish he knows how Joan feels about him and it strikes his ego. He does not want her showing interest in anyone else.
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