A Good Father

"Damn, Chris. You look terrible," remarked Cole during Christopher and Olivia's visit. 

It was Joan's third day at the hospital and she was due to leave the following day. The twins, however, had to remain as they still needed to stimulate their sucking reflex and gain weight before getting discharged. 

Olivia and Christopher determined to pay a visit while Joan still had her hospital room. 

It was on the sofas where the men were catching up with each other. 

"I look terrible?" Christopher sarcastically asked. He pointed a finger at Cole and said, "Just wait till your babies get home. I have one baby and you... you have two."

With a frown, Cole leaned back and inquired, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Narrowing his eyes at his best friend, Christopher revealed, "Even if you have hired a caregiver... I tell you, Joan, being a mother would prefer to personally look after the babies... And I could say the same thing for you.

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