The Rest of My Life - End

Five years passed. 

On the sunny side of life; the Maldives and from inside a huge family beach villa, the JOLE couple was still sleeping soundly after pulling out an all-nighter, making love.

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up! I want to swim at the beach!" Robin called, entering the room of Cole and Joan. 

"No! I want to swim at the pool!" Objected Mason while following behind his sister. 

They both jumped on top of the bed, bouncing their bodies against in between their parents. The kid's way of waking their parents was very effective, as Joan had already awoken. 

"Oh, guys! We are on vacation. Why can't you sleep some more? It's still seven in the morning!" Joan complained while still yawning. 

When Mason and Robin saw that their mother was up, they all went at it, waking up Cole. 

"Wake up, Daddy! Wake up!" Urged Robin. "I want to make sandcastles and catch a mermaid!"

"Let's go swim with Kent, Katie, and

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Love all ur stories ...️
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ving dilla
If its from Lilhyz, its so goood! I love all the novels/books you have written. Wishing for more romantic books to read from you.. .........
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Mary Laughman
Loved this . You have a very unique style of writing. I have two more to finish of the Wright series.

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