Lilianah Romanov

Lilianah was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Romanov. She had two elder brothers. One was handling family business with his father and the other was the owner of gaming company. Lilianah studied accounting and finance in the most famous and renowed University of Russia.

Lilianah was a beautiful girl with long red hair, a pair of beautiful hazel eyes with butterfly eyelashes, perfect pointed noise and soft pink lips.

She was searching for her phone and was getting frustrated. She looked at her watch and was freaked out. She was thirty minutes late and she knows her friends are going to piss her off for this. 'Where the hell I am stuck?', Lilianah murmered and ran her slender silky fingers in her red hair in frustration. "Fuck!!" She exclaimed and kicked her car with right foot.

'Ashleena and Emily are going to kill me for being late' she bumped her eyebrows at the bridge of nose and start driving towards her destination where her friends were waiting for her.

On other side Ashleena was pacing back and forth. Emily moved her eyeballs with the movement of Ashleena.

"Stop it Leena, my eyes and head is hurting looking at you moving like a retarded woman." Emily complained rubbing her temples.

"Its been more than thirty minutes yet she is not here. This girl is so irresponsible." Ashleena sighed in frustration.

"She will be here soon calm down Leena" Emily comforted her by rubbing her back.

"Ughh this girl..!!!!"

When lilianah reached their she saw both Emily and Ashleena waiting for her. She hurriedly parked her car and walked near them with a stressed look and black lines on her smooth and shiny forehead.

" I am sorry guys for being late."

" You think a mere sorry will do?" Ashleena asked her with an evil smirk on her face. Lilianah knows when she smirks like this means something evil is going in her mind so, she hurriedly asked her..

"Then tell me what can I do to compensate you both?".... Emily and Ashleena both narrowed their eyes and looked at her intensely... feeling their gazes Lilianah explained herself..

"Ok girls, I promise, I will where ever you want to take me" Lilianah hang her hands in air as a sign of surrender.

Without replying to her Emily and Ashleena drag her to Restaurant opposite to them..

'Huh!!! what are these girls trying to do??'... Lilianah murmured to herself...

"Stop talking to yourself we have ordered our lunch let's eat it and then we'll think of a punishment for you." Emily said to Lilianah while grinning....

After one hour they were done with their lunch and headed towards mall for doing some shopping after that they visit to salon and at 7:00 pm they were done with their shopping and salon. Ashleena stopped the car in front of a club and hopped out of car happily while shouting..

"It's party time girls come on let's show some moves by moving our bumps".

Ashleena winked at Lilianah. Lilianah was dumbfounded because she dont like clubbing. "Holy pepperoni, no hell no I am not going to club. Never ever ever. I hate those gawking eyes at me..."

Emily did not let her complete her sentence and drag her inside. When Lilianah saw what's so amazing about clubbing her eyes got wide. She was standing like a stone without blinking...

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