Narrow Escape

In the street two men who were wearing black leather gloves and black suits were wickedly laughing and constantly torturing the girl. there were bruises all over her face her . They cut her fingers and hair and at last she stopped breathing and her life less body was lying while blood was rushing out of her hands and feet's...

One of the man laugh evily and said "This was your punishment for not obeying us..hahaha.."

Lilianah tried to run away from there but unfortunately she hit a glass jar besides her feet. Without looking back she sped from there.... 

Lilianah ran from there as fast as she could. After running for God knows how many hours finally she arrived at a bustling road. It was lively with people roaming around.

"Fuck..!!! I shouldn't have gone there. That was not my problem.Thank God, i ran out of there in time. 

After walking for sometime finally she found a cab.

"sir, will you drop me at Safari Villa's"...

The cab driver immediately nodded because he knew she was not an ordinary girl because people living in Safari Villa's are well known business tycoons and there were only 8 villas there and not to mention there expenses.

Whole ride she was thinking about the girl. Why she had offended those monsters. Images of the girls screaming, blood rushing over her body and those monsters evil laugh flashed through her mind , she could not help but shiver in fear.

She than shrugged. It was not her business and she has nothing to do with those type of people. Who knows, what crime that woman had committed.

Finally after a long drive of half and a hour she arrived her home. She didn't have her phone as it was lost. So she prepared her mind to intake the scoldings of her family.

Bucha Romanov was 24 years old. He was handsome with well build muscles. His blue eyes with long pointed nose and thin pink lips make him look more handsome and sexy. All the socialites nagg around him like bees but he never laid an eye to any of them. To others he was cold and aloof but only his family and friend knows very well that he was very warm and kind hearted person.

She pressed the bell twice and Bucha opened door for her. His expression went to calm from anger but he did not say anything

He examined her properly. Her complexion was a bit paler  forehead covered with dust, her hair were messy and there was some dirt on her clothes. He could roughly guess that she had been running or may be some jerks were bullying his precious princess. She was the youngest one that's why her brother's dot on her and pampered her like she was their daughter. 

She gulped hard seeing her elder brother examining her like a scanner. She grabbed his hand and take him inside saying that she was fine.


It was a large mansion more like a castle with a large garden with beautiful flowers. On one side there was manmade water fountain. The mansion was way too huge with large bedrooms and guest rooms. Whole house was beautifully decorated with modern furniture. 

In the middle of living room a well build man with a domineering aura in his early 50's was sitting with an elegent and beautiful woman who was in her early 40's was sitting on  the couch and on the other side a young man who looked 22 years old was sitting with a charismating aura his face was lively and looked so handsome.

After some time Lilianah entered inside the room and looking at her father's face she knew she was doomed.

"Oh my precious baby where were you? Mom was worried about you and what happened to your clothes and you look so pale." her mother Margret Romanov asked her by taking Lilianah in her tight embrace while caressing her back.

"Mom don't worry I am fine it's just that..." she was cut off by her father Darvin Romanov.

" You brat dare to try to say a lie" he threatened her. Although her father was very linient and jovial but she knew when it comes to her he will not sacrifice... she goes near him and hugged him tight, she knew how to calm him.

Making puppy eyes she asked her father. "Dad will you punish your daughter?"... Mr.Romanov sighed and hugged her.

"you are my little gem how could I punish you. We all were worried about you my dear."

"Dad I am fine its just that in the middle of the way my car stopped and I had to walk for almost an hour and I was a bit afraid because it was too dark there and I lost my phone in morning, so I was unable to inform anyone. I am sorry" she hang her head low and heard her brother Michael Romanov said:

"What..??? rabbit I know you were a dumbo but I never knew you would be this much naive. Who told you to drive by yourself? I can't think if some jerk had found you. you are so stupid little sister."

He said this a bit louder and disappointment written all over his face.  With this thought a tear escaped from her eyes. When Michael saw her tears he became worried that he had been too harsh and hurt her so he hurried over her and wipe her tears while embracing her and said

"baby rabbit don't cry I am sorry I was worried about you so I said a bit louder"...

"No brother I am Okay , you don't need to be sorry. I made all of you worried. I am sorry."Lilianah apologized...

"Now its enough let's have a family hug" Michael said and everyone joined them.

After sometime Bucha break the hug and ruffled Lilianah's hair and said "princess you are tired go and sleep we'll talk in the morning. okay?"..

Lilianah knows her elder brother very well. She could lie to everyone but his elder brother was very observent.  But he also know that she was tired and need some rest so he said her to go and sleep. He will talk to her tomorrow. 

Lilianah kissed everyone on their cheeks and dashed to her room and throw herself on the pink big and comfortable bed and think about the whole days incident but she was tired so she shrugged off all the thoughts and went to bathroom took shower and changed into her PJ as she was tired so sleep took over her.

On the other side of the of the city in a dark room with strong smell of smoke and alcohol, a tall man was sitting on a king size chair while two men were were kneeled down in front of him.

They were shivering in fear . Cold and low pitch yet high enough to be heared voice sounded in the whole room making chilled run down the spines of other two men

"did you investigate about the girl I asked for?"..

One of the man quickly nodded his head and said 

"Yes sir we've investigated her properly. She is the younger daughter of Mr.Romanov and she had just completed her education from XX university." 

"Well, she is unfortunate like her parents. She had to pay for her parents sin's.... Make all the preparations and wait for my order's".

The man laughed wickedly. "Now its time to pay my lovely Romanov's for what you did 25 years back"  he said to himself.

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