After laughing like a maniac Lilianah walked deep into the forest her steps haltered when she sense someone's presence near her and suddenly lilianah was welcomed in a warm embrace and she knew who it was. Her face was cold but heart was filled with warmth.

"Lilly how many time I have told you not to work till this late at night". A worried manly voice rang in her ears.

" Danzell Smirnov how many times I've told you never to come in my hut". 

"Baby I was worried. you were not picking my calls nor giving any reply so I was left with no choice."

"You are saying this as if you care about me? Leave me or I will kick your ass out of here". Lilianah's stern and furious voice made Danzell shiver in fear. He knew this time he had done a big mistake.

" You are my queen and you know very well how much I love you"

"Oh wow Mr.Smirnov you love me. I am very greatful to you. Now get out of my way I am tired and need to sleep."

Danzell sighed and took her hands in his and made her look into his eyes "baby you know I was on a business trip and was unable to talk to you. But believe me I always missed you and never think that I don't love you. You mean a lot to me. My world revolves around you like earth which revolves around sun." With that he kissed her on forehead.

Lilianah was completely moved by his words because Danzell was a man of few words but for her he was a different person. She hugged him "You are my only family Danze don't you dare to leave me or else I will make sure to make you completely impotent."

Danzell chuckled and picked her in his arms giving her a passionate kiss. Soon whole forest and creatures were blushing from the sounds of pleasure and love making coming from the hut.

After 3 hours of their love making session Danzell walked to bathroom and come out with a wet towel and softly wiped away sweat from her body. He then kissed her forehead , took her into his embrace and slept off.

Sun rays were falling on an angelic face and with the chirping of birds lilianah slowly opened her eyes. Sitting straight on bed she stretched her body. She turned her face to aside but there was no sign of Danzell. Sounds of quarreling of utensils gave answer to her question.

She jumped off the bed and went to complete her morning chores. After completing her work she went to kitchen and delicious aroma welcomed her. Danzell served her breakfast as a gentleman. Both of them didn't utter a word because Danzell very well know that Lilianah don't like to talk during eating.

After breakfast lilianah got ready for her work but Danzell was still sitting on the couch so she asked "Danze aren't you going for your work?" 

"I will go after taking some more rest"

She just node her head and kissed him on his cheek and went for her work. 

Although Danzell was unaware of Lilianah's past but he was aware of her status in underworld.

On the other side Lilianah was completely unaware of Danzell's second identity. For her he was only a well known business tycoon of Russia.

Was this the only secret or there was more about Danzell which he himself was unaware?

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