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"Boss jet is ready, should we leave now?" Mira asked Lilianah while glancing at her watch.

"Hmm and no one will talk about this in front of Danzell. I don't want him to know about this now?" Lilianah ordered while tapping her fingers on the table.

"OK Boss we will be careful in this matter" Mira assured her.

She than left her chair and went near glass window which was covering half room and looked outside.

Her mind was in a mess. There was something fishy on which she was unable to put her finger.

She inhaled a large sum of oxygen and picked her jacket from chair.

"Let's go!" Lilianah said and Mira followed her behind. Berk was already waiting for them in jet. 

The trio left for Sochin....

After spending four hours they arrived at Sochin. Josh, Roy and Suzanne welcome them.

"How was the journey?" Josh asked when they settled on

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