Danzell took Lilianah to hospital. She was bleeding non stop. Doctor take her to emergency room and it closed with red light.

Danzell and other six were waiting outside holding their brethes.

One, two, three hour went but there was no sign. After 4 hours of wait red light turned to green and doctor came out with a pale and sad face.

"Is Lilianah okay? Can I meet her?" Danzell rushed to doctor 

"I am sorry sir but she went in coma. We tried to do our best but now it is up to her if she wants to wake up or not.

Her two ribs are broken and legs and arms are fractured. And her head is hit by a heavy object." Doctor said and Danzell slumped on cold floor.

Hospital corridor went into silence. Roy, Josh, Berk, Maria and Suzanne cried silently. She was their elder sister.

Danzell was silent. He was not crying nor moving a bit. Looking at him Peter was afr

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