2 # Characters' sketch

Keya Gujral :

21 years old, Beautiful girl, having a melodious voice. But she lost her eye's vision in childhood. She is the heir of the Gujral Empire. Daughter of late. Keshav Gujral and Siya Gujral.  She is a symbol of love and mercy. Always smiling and loving to everyone.

Abeer Raichand :

25 years old, another name of beast or devil.  He is the king of the mafia world in Mumbai. He has a legal business also. He only cares for his family. He is angry and cruel to his enemy. He is the son of late. Vijay Raichand and Chhaya Raichand. Brother of Akshita/ Axita Raichand.

Siya Gujral:

48 Years old, Keya's mother and sister of Ajay Agrawal. She is Bua ( auntie ) of Shivin Agrawal. For her, Keya is only the reason to live.

Shivin Agrawal :

25 Years old, dealing with the Mafia world, also a rival of Abeer Raichand. He loves his cousin sister Keya. He is the power of attorney holder of Gujral Empire. Son of Ajay Agrawal. 

Akshita / Axita Raichand : 

23 years old, beautiful and kind-hearted girl. She is the sister of Abeer Raichand. 

Asad Malik :

25 years old, Keya's bodyguard cum driver cum trainer. Son of her father's best friend Juned Malik. Brother of Sayema Malik. He was the best friend of Abeer in childhood. 

Sayema Malik :

21 years old, daughter of Juned Malik, sister of Asad Malik. She is naughty. She is the eye of Keya. Keya's childhood friend.

Ajay Agrawal :

52 years old. He is the mastermind of the mafia from his young age. His illegal business is carried by Shivin, his son. He is the brother of  Siya, and father of Shivin. 

Rizwan Shaikh :

25 years old, the right hand of Abeer Raichand. His best friend from childhood. His crime partner and witness of Abeer's all crime. Only he knows Abeer from inside. 

Juned Malik :

52 years old, retired from his work, but he is still loyal only to Gujral family. He is the father of Asad and Sayema. He was a crime partner of Keshav Gujral from his young age. He is also a good friend of Ajay Agrawal.

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