42 # Open your eyes (18+)

Abeer's POV 

"Mrs Raichand, stop drooling over me," I filled the spoon with rice. She gulped and opened her mouth to eat.

"How long you will feed me like this, Mr Raichand?" She giggled while chewing the food.

"Till I'm alive," I whispered. In fact, I love when she drools over me. Since the morning, I was feeling like I'm terminated from the mafia throne and now I become a teacher of the kinder garden.

I was teaching her colours and things. I wondered that did she forget everything? But I wasn't tired up. I love to introduce her to everything.

"Now, I'm no longer blind, so let me enjoy the food," She pouted snatching the spoon from my hand.

I handed her as my phone was vibrating. I got up and walked out to receive the call.

"Hello," I whispered.

"Hello, how is our queen?" Asad teased me. 

"She is no longer blind," I retorted with a smirk on my face.

"Will you tell me why you called?" I asked to cut the

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