43 # Confessed her Crime

Keya's POV

"Maa, When will he back?" I asked closing my eyes. Maa was massaging my hair with coconut oil. He didn't talk to me, I was hell angry with him. I was feeling helpless. 

Suddenly, Suzie came and said hurriedly. She asserted, "Ma'am, sir wants to talk to you."

"Hello, Abeer," I chirped heartily.

"Keya, listen to me carefully. Come back home. I have sent guards to bring you back. Be careful and come home," He said but his voice was tensed.

Before I could say anything, he hung up the call. He is behaving so weird. He isn't like that. Leaving me puzzles he cut the call, why? I glanced on the screen but I can't read the name on the screen.

It's so hurried. I can't take a time as soon I heard the sound of a helicopter. Without wasting time, I told maa that we have to leave.

We climbed in the helicopter with mom. The guards are not familiar to me or mom. 

The helicopter wouldn't allow for all people. What exactl

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