44 # The Heartbreaking Truth

Abeer's POV

"You will never know the reason, just like Keya..." She started laughing wickedly. 

Seeing her different side, I and akki were shocked. I rubbed the back of my neck. She was blowing the fire inside me.

"Abeer, she is the one who poured chemical in her eyes," Asad informed me. But still, I can't trust him, I wanted to listen from. her mouth, why she did this?

"Sir, Siya madam is fine and now conscious," The maid informed me. I nodded.

"Let her take rest," I ordered soothing my heart.

"Why you did this?" I asked again but she laughed, as usual, the wicked laugh.

I couldn't comprehend her bitter truth. She is our mom, she always loves. She never beat us, even if we made mistake. I was not able to cope up with her this new glimpse. 

There must be a big reason behind this. She can't be like this. I can't even hurt her. She is my mom.

"Call Siya aunt," I ordered the maid. 

After some time, Si

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Raj Udey
who is her son
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Raj Udey
can't wait for the next

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