48 # Epilogue

Author's POV

Two years later...

"And the winner is Keya Raichand..." The host announced cheerfully and the entire area was filled with applause and shouting of people.

Keya's eyes filled with water and she headed to the judges. Receiving the trophy for the singing competition, she took the blessings from them.

after the completion of Grand finale, she stepped out of the campus and found a black SUV was waiting for her.

She rushed to the car and knocked on the glass. He was none other than Abeer, who was waiting for her. 

Opening the door, she sat on the passenger side.

"Congratulations dear nightingale," He said cheerfully and pulled her in his arms. Soon his lips smashed with her. After a long passionate kiss, they separated.

"So happy?" He asked and she nodded with teary eyes. She glanced on the back seat, a little cutie 'Kabeer' was sleeping peacefully.

She hid her real identity to par

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Jiya Aly
it was a wonderful read n short too so enjoyed it
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sweety sweety
nice ending simply beautiful story
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