The Shark Mafia Boss
The Shark Mafia Boss
Author: Peyton Iuga

Introducing the Characters

Olivia Black / Liv (28)

Job: Professor Assistant at NYU (New York University).

Graduated in business from University of Chicago

Personality: Outgoing, Independent, Friendly, Bubbly, Productive, Low Self Esteem, Caring.

Looks: Long wavy blonde hair, Almond shape green eyes, fine pointed up nose, plump lips, curvy, 5’4, 88kg (195lbs), White but Tanned skin. Stretch marks and cellulite, small scar on right collar bone. Small tattoo of a butterfly on her left hip.

Family: Mother: Alice Black / Father: Bruce Black / Siblings: Joseph Black (Older - 32) Gregory Black (Middle - 30)

Friends: Anna James (BFF since high school) John Campbell (BFF since kindergarten)

Raphael Lockwood / The shark (34)

Job: CEO of Lockwood Enterprise

Leader of the Italian Mafia in NY

Personality: Direct, Confident, Rude, Courageous, womaniser, Dangerous, Mysterious, Caring, Responsible, Focused.

Looks: Middle length black hair, scruffy black beard, round shape light blue eyes, fine nose, White, athletic body (6pack), 6’8, scar on left eyebrow, scar behind left ear, scar for bullet wound on the right side on his ribs. Full sleeve tattoo on both arms and going to his chest and showing up a little on his neck, covering all of his shoulders and back.

Family: Mother: Camila Lockwood / Father: Gabriel Lockwood (deceased) /Grandfather: Angelo Lockwood (deceased) / Grandmother: Rose Lockwood (deceased)/ cousin: Gabriel Lockwood (Leader of Italian Mafia in Italy)

Friends: Joseph Roberts (Best friend and second in command) /  Michael Stuart (Best friend and head of security) / Tim Smith (second in command at Lockwood Enterprise)

Lucas Scott (33)

Job: CEO of Scott Travels

Business teacher at NYU

Olivia’s boss

Personality: Direct, Confident, Caring, Responsible, Focused, Unfaithful, Greedy, And Charismatic.

Looks: Short dark brown hair, slender caramel eyes, pointy nose, Athletic skinny Body, Tanned, 6’2, Scar on lower lip on the right side.

Family: Unknown

Friends: John Smith (Best friend and business partner / Alina Scott (Ex-wife and friend)

Gabriel Lockwood (36)

Job: Capo of the Italian Mafia in Italy

Raphael’s cousin

Personality: Ruthless, Confident, Focused, faithful, Greedy.

Looks: Long black hair, round brown eyes, Grecian nose, Daddy Body, Tanned, 5’9.

Family: Raphael Lockwood (Cousin) / Grandfather: Angelo Lockwood (deceased) / Grandmother: Rose Lockwood (deceased) Father: Lucca Lockwood / Mother: Angelina Lockwood

Friends: Anabela Lockwood (Wife) / Lorenzo N/A (Second in command and best friend)

Maria Smith (57)

Job: Head housekeeper for Raphael Lockwood

She behaves like his mother and loves him as a son. Raphael respects Maria and actually loves her.

Personality: Lovable, caring, selfless, kind, strong minded and opinionated.

Looks: 5’7, White, brown round eyes, wrinkles, brown short hair always on a ponytail, slim.

Family: Raphael Lockwood (boss, like a son) / Robert Smith (husband) / Isbella (Tammy) Smith (daughter) 

Friends: N/A

Romeo Karkov (62)

Job: Leader of the Russian mafia

Raphael’s biggest enemy

Personality: despicable, unfaithful, rude, dangerous, womaniser, disrespectful

Looks: 5’7, White greasy hair, Fat, wrinkles, with uneven teeth. Scar on the right side of his face, green eyes.

Family: Antonia Karkov (wife, deceased) / Julius Karkov (son, future leader of the Russian Mafia)

Friends: N/A

As new characters appear during the Story this chapter will be Updated.

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goodnovel comment avatar
You should section off when your talking about a different character. I got confused when you switched from one person to the next. I thought you were still talking about the same person
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m so addicted to this book
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm thinking that this is going to have some kidnapping things for revenge 😂

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