Chapter 3 The Company’s New CEO

“I have no current plans for children.”

In her anticipation, the man in front of her slowly parted his thin lips, then shattered all her fantasies with his deep and cold voice.

“Huh?” Yvonne was confused at first, but she very quickly understood the situation.

His indifferent tone… was extremely unpleasant to her ears.

“No worries, I understand.” She tried her best to act indifferent. “I’ll take the morning-after pill.”

“Do you have anything else to tell me?” Yvonne asked carefully with a cautious smile on her face.


Henry tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, looking both very satisfied and uncomfortable with her reply.

He had married Yvonne Frey in the first place only because she wasn’t as scheming as other women out there who always tried to use every method to conceive his child so that they had a valid reason to stay by his side.

Why did she never think of that?

Was it because she didn’t care about him?

Henry frowned, but suddenly realized that his opinion was too biased.

Why should he care about this woman’s feelings?

If it wasn’t for the sake of getting a suitable bone marrow, he wouldn’t have even thought of this woman.

They had always been people from two different worlds.

Henry pursed his thin lips and looked up at the pure-looking woman beside him. He just couldn’t bring himself to ask for her bone marrow.

He suppressed the irritation in his heart, then spoke coldly. “It’s nothing. You can go to work now.”


Before Yvonne even finished speaking, the car in front of her moved and quickly disappeared from sight.

She pushed aside her long hair that was messed up by the wind in disappointment as the smile on her face faded.

If Henry’s grandfather hadn’t chosen her, she wouldn’t have gotten married to Henry three years ago and become Mrs. Lancaster.

The wedding was over and they had their first sex.

She could think of herself as a winner in the future when remembering the experience she had with the man of her dreams, right?

She must learn to be content instead of being greedy!

Yvonne very quickly pulled herself together again with some self-encouragement. However, the time on her watch sent her into a panic again!

“Oh no, I’m going to be late!”

Not daring to tarry any further, she ran into her workplace as quickly as she could with her handbag — she avoided bumping into the other employees in front of her. Finally, at the last minute, she successfully clocked in for work!

Phew, she made it!

“Huh?” Looking up, Yvonne noticed that her colleagues were all acting strangely around her. They seemed to be discussing something in low whispers.

She returned to the office and quietly approached her close friend. “Lyn, what are they talking about? Why isn’t anyone working?” she whispered.

“Who would still be in the mood to work right now!” Her close friend, Lynette Yaeger, leaned toward her. “Didn’t you hear? The shareholders had a fallout! One of them took the company’s money and went abroad that night. No one managed to chase him down!”

“The other shareholders had no choice but to sell all their shares. A new CEO will be taking over the company very soon. No one knows if we can continue working here! Who would still be in the mood to work at a time like this?”

“The company has been sold?!” Yvonne was startled. After thinking about it, something felt off. “That doesn’t make sense. Even if the company is sold, the new CEO will still need people to work for him.”

Yvonne felt a little uneasy at the thought. After all, this was the only job she had. She would be in trouble if she lost her job!

“I have no clue either.” Lynette sighed. “This will all depend on the new CEO’s decision. We’re just employees here. It’s not like we can oppose him.”

“What are you two still doing here?” The human resources manager came over in a hurry. “Didn’t you see that everyone has gone out to greet the new CEO? You two have to go right now!”

It was only then that Yvonne realized that they were the only ones left in the office.

“Right away!” She put down her handbag, then pulled Lynette as they hurried over to the lobby.

As the saying went, a new broom sweeps clean. If they were late, the new CEO might use them as cannon fodder!
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Vashti Tracey
Wow just show up after three years and ask your "wife" to donate her bone marrow. Wait wait wait!! Not before telling her you have no plans for children in the future. What a loser.
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let me guess, mr. Lancaster
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i think the new CEO is his husband this story is exciting👍

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