Chapter 4 He’s The New Boss?!

By the time they made it to the lobby, it was already crowded. A few female secretaries were whispering to each other.

“Did you hear? They said the new boss is from Ontario. He already owns several companies and seems to be rich! Not only that, but he’s also still single!”

“Are you sure? The new boss married a woman that his family arranged for him long ago. He doesn’t even like her.”

“Yeah, I knew about it too! I heard the CEO had a great relationship with his ex-girlfriend, but was forced to break up and marry his current wife due to his family. They aren’t even in love.”

Lynette couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the exciting conversation going on around them. She turned her head back and tugged on Yvonne’s sleeve. “Did you hear that, Yvonne? I wonder what our new boss looks like! Maybe he’ll be tall, rich, and handsome?”

“I’ve no idea.”

Yvonne curled her lips with little interest and played with the wedding ring on her ring finger. She was already married to the best man in the world anyway, so she had no interest in anyone else.

Even if Henry didn’t care about her, she had no regrets because this was the marriage she asked for!

No matter what, she would hang onto it until the very end!

“Ah, look! The CEO is here! He just parked his car outside!” The female employees were suddenly shrieking so loud that it hurt her ears.

The manager immediately went to the front and yelled at them. “Quiet! Be mindful of your behavior! The CEO is coming!”

The people in the lobby closed their mouths.

Yvonne had been squeezed to the side of the lobby. Seeing that her colleagues were all standing on tiptoe and trying their best to catch a glimpse of the CEO, her gaze moved to the entrance too.

Through the dense crowd, she spotted a few minivans parked at the entrance from afar. In front of them was a black Maybach.

Several high-level executives ran over and stood respectfully on both sides of the door as they watched the driver open the car door.

Yvonne stretched her neck and saw the man’s long legs coming out of the car first. They appeared to be even slender when they were clad in black dress pants.

Just the sight of his legs made the female colleagues around her squeal with delight.

She was stunned. Someone with such long and slender legs couldn’t be that bad. It seemed like the new CEO might just turn out to be a tall, rich, and handsome man.

She moved her prying gaze up a little and noticed that the man had stepped out from the car. The black suit he was wearing fit him perfectly and accentuated his muscular figure. He wore a white dress shirt underneath with a matching black tie.

She had to contain herself.

However, the sight of his Adam’s apple bobbing when he talked with the other people was extremely mesmerizing.

Yvonne couldn’t help but feel her heart racing a little. She involuntarily lifted her gaze to look at the man’s face and was instantly caught off guard by his cold facial features.

My goodness!

Why did her new boss look so much like… No, it was Henry Lancaster in the flesh!

H-He was the new CEO?!

She didn’t expect to meet him again this way after getting out of his car less than ten minutes ago.

He became her boss?

What kind of fate was this!

“Hello, Mr. Lancaster! You must be tired from your journey! Look, our employees are waiting for your arrival!” One of the executives tried to ingratiate himself with Henry.

At the same time, some other people came down from the cars behind Henry’s Maybach. The men and women were all dressed in suits, wearing leather shoes, and carried a briefcase with them. All of them had the aura of business elites.

They were probably the executives and secretaries who were transferred from the headquarters.

“Please come in.”

Henry looked around stoically. No one could decipher his emotions.

He hummed faintly in response, then walked into the company’s lobby.

When the female employees saw him coming, they couldn't help but blush and lower their heads shyly. A few moments later, they started stealing glances of him again.

Henry went straight to the elevator without even looking at any of them.

Yvonne held her breath and tried to bury her head in the crowd, hoping that she wouldn’t be noticed. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Henry looking in her direction!
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