Chapter 735 Ambulance

Yvonne covered her belly and said as she breathed rapidly with pain written all over her face, "My stomach hurts. Hurry, call the doctor. Hurry!"

"Yes!" The security guard could also tell that her condition was bad at that time, so he did not dare to go pull her up, fearing that the process of pulling her up would cause irreversible consequences. The security guard stood there and took out his cell phone to dial the emergency number.

After the call, the security guard did not just stay still. He went back to the family residence to call for help.

When Sue learned that Yvonne had fallen outside the door, she was so frightened that her face went pale. Sue quickly ran out to check on the situation.

Even Frederick, who was already very old, came out as well, and so did Theo.

"Mom..." When Theo saw Yvonne lying on the ground and was unable to get up, he started to cry.

When Yvonne heard her son's cry, she could feel her heart aching. She wanted to comfort him, but she was powerl
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goodnovel comment avatar
This writer is beyond ridiculous, Henry don’t know his wife voice? Just plain stupidity!
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No bodyguard no driver? Really ...
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Puan Salina
A wealthy person dont have a driver quite ridiculous.

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