A love for an eye
A love for an eye
Author: Happy

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful morning. Spring was approaching so it was inevitably a little chilly. A girl with beautiful black hair sleeping on the soft feather like bed. Her lips had a silly smile with her cheeks turned in a angry colour of red.

 "Jenne! You sleepy head wake up!!"

 There goes my precious sleep again. She thought as she open her eyes and sign. Why is when even I am about to see that man’s face I have  wake up from my dreams? she closed her eye again.

 "Let me sleep, Rean!"

 "It's 10 by the way".

 My eyes nearly fell out if it's a socket. “Shit!”

 Dad's gonna kill me if I'm late. I quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom, did my morning routine and then out in a jiffy.

I quickly pulled up a white office skirt, beige sleeved top and nude high heels. Opened hair, and a lip balm cause that all I could manage in this short time. I went downstairs and saw him ready for school.

 "Bye, Rean!"

I yelled at my younger brother as he ate his breakfast. I'm sure he'll reach school on time. He's only in primary since he's only 12 and I've graduated last month from college. No more school for me. I can finally work with my dad in his company. But right now, I need to reach the bank because we're having issues regarding finance.

The problem is the traffic.

I started my car and drove toward my destination. I was maneuvering the steering weel with one hands while my other hands was pooped up beside the opened car window. Frigid wind continuously streamed in through the window, ruffling hair into a mess.


Meanwhile at the airport.

"Dad! Its David. My flight has landed.”

“ What do you mean how I'm coming back home? I can drive”

 “Great!! the guys are late again? Fine, I'm on my way. I'll get an Uber or hire a car".

He was wearing a sunglasses and a scarf covered his face.

He walked toward the reception of the rental car services. The lady show him the way  to the car he has booked.

The car wasn’t bad. He shake his head in satisfaction and pay for the ride. “Keep the change babe” Removing his glasses he wink at the lady who blushed before bowing toward him.

He placed his bags in the car and drove off in full speed.

 Its been 11 years since i visited this place. This place has taught me that money is more important than people life. Only powerful person can survive in this greedy world. 11 years I have trained myself to survive in this world. Now I am ready to face them.

Murders will be killed, criminals will be hanged.

Ferrari and a volkswagen, both on its way to different locations, who knew their paths would collide in such a manner that it would alone leave them shook.

David's Ferrari cut through the other lane when a black Volkswagen crashed into his. The traffic jammed, both people sitting in there cars, horrified at the incident. Yet no one got hurt. The side of David's Ferrari was damaged by the Volkswagen's frontage.

Anger filled his eye as his fist clinched. He rushed out of the car and ready to teach the other driver a lesson till a beautiful  girl came out and shouted at him in her loud voice.

" Can you watch where you go? Look what you did!" She screamed the man in front of her.

He stood there, surprised at her statement.

 "Excuse me? But I think you're the one who crashed into MY car!".

 "No, I didn't!"

She protested, walking further towards him with an angry look.

 "Look, women! I have no time for this, might as well admit your fault and we're both free to leave, unless if you want the police to get involved".

 "Look here, Mr! It's not my fault, and I won't admit, do whatever you can cause you to have to pay for the damage you've done to my car".

She gritted her teeth at the end. "Why should I? Did the accident perhaps make you hit your head?

Fire blazed in her eyes, trying not to erupt.

 "You…, how dare you! Do you know who I am?"

 David being clearly annoyed with all this argument.

"I don't give care about who you are, sure your daddy must be rich, but at least you could get the proper licence to help save his precious money".

A crowed started to form around them. Everyone looked at the two fighting in the middle of the road. But everyone gasped as the next actin of the girl.

The next move left everyone speechless.

 She slapped him across the face, with red prints on his crystal clear cheeks.

The sunglass fell on the ground, and the scarf loosened around his face. Yet still covering his face.

Everyone gasped at the incident.

His angry eyes lifted off the ground and landed on her face, glaring at her. Before he could utter a single word, he was interrupted by the police who had arrived on time.

 "Ok, so we will need some justifications from both of you at the police station, so both of you hop in the car. And your vehicles will be set aside for the time being."

 They both glared at each other before getting in the police car, both sitting at the back together, clearly annoyed.

 The drive to the police station was quite hectic since they continued blaming each other for their faults.

 Now sitting side by side in front of the police officer.

 "Now, care to explain what happened exactly?"        

The officer asked. Fixing his posture.

 "She ran into my car on a red light".David spoke almost instantly.

 "No, I didn't! It was still yellow , besides this guy changed the lane when he shouldn't have".

She looked at him with pure hatred.

"How my changing the lane has to do with this accident?."

 "Well you changed the lane on the lights, which is against the law and that's how you hit my car".

 "You mean, you hit my car on the red light, it turned red when you moved further, so it's your fault too".

 "Sir, would you mind pulling your scarf down, it feels like you're suffocating".  

\ "No thank you, I have the flu, and it's contagious".

*cough, cough*

He faked a cough. The officer seems to buy the excuse and did not ask further. Jenne opened her mouth to protest but ended up saying nothing.

 "Ok, so it's both of your faults".

 "What!" They both said in unison.

 "Yes, both of you will have to fill in some documents, and you are free to leave".

 The two glare at the officer before filling out some forms and leaving the station.

 Both ending up, standing outside the police station, waiting for a taxi.

 *ring, ring*

 "Yes, dad, I'll be late. No, I got in an accident with some idiot. I'm ok, I'm fine, no, don't come, I'll be there in a while". She ended her call and looked at man besode her who was blown away by her statement.

"I swear to god, you're a…".

 "Don’t you dare finish your sentence".

 "Jesus, what can I even expect from a rich girl?"

He murmured.

 "Well whatever, don't look at me". Jenne looked away.

 "My eyes, my rules." He smirked.

David pov

I swear to god this girl is something, She may be beautiful, but it would have been excellent if god knocked some sense into her as well. 

I glanced and saw her looking at the high way and then her watch. She's in such a hurry...

 I continued glancing at her until a black Chevrolet stopped by and came out two people.

 “Oh god these idiots”


"Sorry, sir for being late-"

Before they could continue further, I cut him off.

 " Hello My bodyguards, you both can take care of the Ferrari". I eyed them and told them to shut up before I got in my car. They both understood and stood away from me. I looked over at her already knowing she's been looking at me the entire time and offered her help.

 "I know you're in a hurry, despite all that happened today, I won't take it personally and...I can give you a lift".

 She looked at me with a poker face.

 "No, thanks".

 "You're in a hurry, I can drop you. The taxi will take about half an hour".

she fidgeted around before speaking. "Fine, drop me off at the bank".

I nodded.

 She hopped in the car, and I could see this so called bodyguard of mine being all cute and all after seeing us together. They'll go home and tell everyone about how I gave a girl a ride and blah blah blah.

It's seldom of me talking to girls, and the entire gang knows that I stay away from them.

What they don't know is that I have only one girl on my mind, Wang Jenne.I wonder where she is though, I would love to find her.

 The girl beside me fastened her seat belt, and we were off to go.The ride was quiet, we didn't speak at all. I don't understand why I offered her a lift in the first place. Soon after, we arrived at the bank. I watched as she got out and stood outside.

 "Thanks", she said before turning her back on me and leaving.

 I watched as she walked as fast as she could and entered the building.

 Miss crazy, I hope we never meet again.

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