Chapter 38


8.30 am

Jenne's pov

I woke up to only be met with white sheets covering me. This doesn't seem like my bed...

I sat up to find myself in David's room and that too, in nothing but my undergarments. He wasn't in sight, though.

Right last night... I can't even remember. From the look of it, we didn't do anything. If we did, I wouldn't have been able to get off the bed. Standing up, I slowly approached the door and opened only to hear cries in the hallway. Worriedly, I ran down to see if anyone was hurt. My eyes landed on mum and Jaemin, crying.

"Mum.." I quickly ran to her and cupped her cheeks as she cried. I then looked at Rean, who called his heart looking at a piece of paper.

"R-Rean what happened?" I asked worriedly. He cried and cried, unable to utter a thing. I snatched the paper off of him and read it.

I'm sorry everyone, I've let you down, especially my wife. I know I did you wrong, and it's time for me to pay for what I have done wrong. Jenne, I have indeed murder
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