09. Goodbye

"Trouble usually finds me"


 "There is one more thing left." Antonio's voice made us stop staring each other.

"What is it now?" Dad asked a bit irritated. "She has to sign an agreement.." Antonio started.

"What??? Another agreement? Antonio I think we already passed the agreement stage! I'm not going to let my sister sign some pathetic agreement like me." Everett snarled.

"You have no say in this!! She's our property now." Antonio said sharply.

"Now where was I... You have to sign an Agreement." Antonio pointed me.

A bodyguard came from somewhere with a brief case in hand. He opened it and gave some papers to Antonio, then bowed respectfully. Antonio dismissed him with a slight wave.

Antonio studied the papers, after a moment he nodded approvingly.

"Here" he handed me the papers, I took them gently. Another guard stepped forward and retrieved a pen from his breast pocket he gave it to antonio who passed it to me.

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Buety Makeup
yes I agree good story
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Maya Kadir
it's nice story
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mumu april
Why do they make with 30 coin ? Too much one chapter for Unclock

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