12. Clarification

Be somebody nobody thought you could be.


I woke up by some sounds, I fluttered my eyes open and was confused for a second then I realized I was no longer at home with the feeling of comfort of people I love surrounding me.

Now I'm in a whole new country with strangers and apparently married. Married? Alessandro? I remembered

Then again I heard some sounds that were coming from the washroom, I think it's Alessandro. The thought made me nervous.

"On" I spoke softly and the dark room was filled with light. I glanced around the room and their on the sofa his waist coat was placed, that he wore at our wedding.

I stared at it for sometime. Should I leave it or place it in the closet neatly like a good wife. Mom would've been proud if I did the latter.

I sighed and moved out of the bed, I picked up the coat and gazed at it.

It had blood spots on it which made me shudder in disgust, as I was about to make my way to the closet the wash

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Oyeyinka Tella
nice and short
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Yvonne Magsayo Kiel
cool,like the story
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Lorraine Stinnett
Waiting for coins….wish this was available on Kindle

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