13. Light And Darkness

Stars, hide your fires: Let not light see my black and deep desires.

~William Shakespeare

I woke up after a much needed beauty sleep. I stretched then turned around to see the other side empty.

I was kind of relieved to find that Alessandro left early, I didn't wanted to face him after my rant last night.

I looked around the room it was dark, even though it was morning I checked the time it was 10:07 am. The sun was up but the curtains were closed.

I was feeling suffocated by this darkness I wanted light. I quickly went to the curtains and opened them without wasting a moment. 

Instantly the warm rays of the sun hit my skin and the room was bright with the natural light. I smiled feeling that I can breathe now.

I hated it when mom used to wake me up like this she would come in my room and open the curtains all the way making the light hit my face directly, but now I realize how important this natural light is.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Intriguing, but not a good way to expect a woman to live.
goodnovel comment avatar
Hina Shahid
he is very ruthless. but i can't read next chapter because l have not have enough coins. ireader is so for best reading app they give you big rewards as compared to other
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose Marie
This poor child, I feel sorry for her since she doesn't even have a proper introduction to any of their ways or language. I also hope she gets even....

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