15. Fire

If it doesn't burn a little then what's the point of playing with fire?

~ Bridgett Devoue

Third person P.O.V

The maids were busy cleaning around the mansion, they were spread across all the floors according to there duties.

They were allowed on all floors except the Capo's floor, only Christine was allowed there.

One of the maids Sara was dusting the stairs, she was near the Capo's floor but would not dare to step a foot there. She would complete her work and turn around.

She was humming a song to herself concentrated in her work when a sudden smell hit her nostrils.

She paused her work and sniffed the air, the smell hit her again with some smoke entering her nostrils as well, this time she coughed after sniffing.

It smelt like something was burning she glanced down the stairs to see if someone burned something in the kitchen, but everyo

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Yvonne Magsayo Kiel
l like the story!
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LeeAnne Brewer
I like it so far but the chapters are short and to many coins for so little
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mumu april
Yes so expensive

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