17. Alessandro I

Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul.

~ Unknown

Alessandro's P.O.V


I emptied my gun in the fuckers chest, I got information he was a rat in my family and I hate rats.

"Bravissimo ragazzo mio" (Very good my boy) Antonio came from behind and clapped his hands slowly. I just stood there staring at the now dead men with a cold expression on my face.

"Dobbiamo parlare" (We need to talk) Antonio whispered lowly in my ear and I knew it was important, I nodded and we both made our way to the rusty stairs.

We went up and towards my office. One of the maids was standing outside with a handkerchief in her hand, I took it from her and dismissed her with a flick of my

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Tricia Applewhite
omg.... Tina totally Mr. understood the man.... the chapter before was the absolute best. Literally this is making my top books to read... funny, action, Romance.... language barriers.... I love this book .. Amore
goodnovel comment avatar
Hmmm good to hear...
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Yvonne Magsayo Kiel
Naks, each chapter gets exciting!!!

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