62. Surprise

"The best time for new beginnings is now"

~ Unknown

What is up with this man?

I couldn't help but question myself as I hold out the beautiful dress infront of me. I inspect the delicate patterns that have managed to catch my breathe, I was baffled when I laid my eyes on this dress for the first time just few moments ago.

After our late lunch Alessandro demanded for me to go back to our room, as quoted by him 'I have a surprise for you upstairs.' I was actually nervous about this 'surprise'.

Since I have entered Alessandro's life, the surprises I have received from him— let's say they haven't been too pleasent. I couldn't help but think that maybe there was a long lost sibling of Alessandro's that has been found and is waiting for me in the room to be introduced.

Just kidding!

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Comments (21)
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Imee Caravaca
Sooo frikkin good!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Tricia Applewhite
love love love love this story
goodnovel comment avatar
I still do not get Valentina being ok with being kidnapped. She has always held him accountable when he takes away her choice and she just accepts being kidnapped?! It is not true to her character IMO

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