64. Epilogue

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come"

~ William Shakespeare

10 years later..

Alessandro's POV:

"We've come so far haven't we?" Antonio says with a small satisfied smile as he closes the file I had signed seconds ago.

"Indeed we have uncle" I agree nodding my head slightly, "the business is flourishing, you are the first one in our generation to bring this family to where it stands today" he boosts proudly about my accomplishments.

I was well aware of how much he loved to talk about how our mafioso is one of the most feared one in the world, I didn't stop him either knowing that there were only very few thin

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Tricia Applewhite
I am gonna miss waking up and going to bed reading this book. it's all over but it was work the read. thank you to the author
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Ashu Ashu
great story enjoyed every chapter thoroughly....feels like watched a movie;)
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Raquel Navarrete
Thank you moniba for this beautiful story ...️...️...️
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