Meeting 5

They continue running as the soldiers chase after them. The girls both run up to a house top, Dawn jumps to the next house and she gestures for Elsa to follow her lead and jump but she hesitate. 

"Come on El, you can do it, just jump."

"I'm scared Dawn. I can't ". 

"Sure you can,  come on the soldiers are on their way" persuaded Dawn. 

"Stop right there, in the name of the king halt". Shouted one of the soldiers. 

"Elsa, jump, take a leap, hurry,  they are coming". 

"No I can't, I would take the long way down. Go on without me,  I can manage, I would distract them" she smiles at Dawn. 

"What nonsense are you talking about, come on El, you can do it". 

"No, that's you, you are brave. I would meet you at the forest. Go on Dawn. I would be fine. Bye". 

"You better not let them catch you El. Promise me". 

"I promise,  now go enjoy yourself, your freedom remember ". 

"Its nothing without you El". 

"It would be, see you in two hours time". She laughs as she hurries away. 

"Arrrggghh Elsa. "

"You there stop" shouted another soldier. 

"No siree, can't do". Dawn jumps to another house roof top and finally jumps down near a hay stack. She sees a small path to the forest,  but hid near a dustbin. Some soldiers came to the path. 

"They are not here". 

"He didn't pass through here,  there are no footprints". Another soldier stated. 

"Okay,  let's get out of here,  search the other pathway hurry. They can't have gotten far"

When they left,  Dad. Waited for another five minutes before she left and journeyed through the part and into the forest.


Dawn ventures into the forest, and easily locates her secret hide out. A not too big field,  with an apple tree at one side of the clearing and a river which separates the two kingdoms. The border of Grendel and Starrynight kingdom. 

"Its been long huh. Three years since I came here. I missed you so much. I missed the serenity, the calm, the quietness. "

It was a little forest all right,  but not too far inside the forest, near the border of her kingdom was this magnificent scene. The flowers in the field, the apple tree, it was just like a clearing someone once made in a forest, and the sun rays could get to the field, illuminating everywhere. But it was obvious, someone has been maintaining this place. The princess was in thought. But who was maintaining it? It only meant one thing, it wasn't just her secret hideout anymore. 

"Whoever it is, I'm grateful to you for protecting and maintaining this place. "

"I guess i'll take that thanks Mr... " a voice came up close to her from her back. She quickly jumps up and turn around. 

"You" she starred daggers at the young man in front of her. 

"You again" the young man replied. 

"What are you doing here?  Are you following me?" Asked Dawn. 

"That's absurb. I should be asking you the same thing. It wasn't enough that I got slapped in the first place, now you follow me here". 

"Huh I didn't follow you.  I've been here, I got here before you. So its you who's following me. " she fired back at him. 

"Boohooo.. Whatever,  arguing with you is pointless. I didn't do anything to deserve that slap" he said touching the cheek she slapped him on. 

"Huhh,  excuse me. You didn't do anything?  You touched my... " she yelled tgen quitely spoke as she looked so sullen. "You touched me in the chest". 

"That was an honest mistake, I thought you were a man and a handsome one at that, then you suddenly wanted to get up and you hit me in my groin. The hell that was painful, it was on instincts, I just wanted to push you off of me, that's when I realized. I'm sorry princess."

Shocked she asked "what did you just say? "

"I said, I am sorry"

" Not that, the princ.. "

"Ohh that, I called you a princess". 

"Why? " questioned Dawn. 

"Am I in an interrogation session or something? "

"Just answer " she picks up a stick close to her leg. 

"Am I to feel threatened by this? "

"You never know,  answer my question ". She said pointing the stick at him. 

"Well I called you a princess because you were stunningly beautiful. "

She glares at him not believing. 

"My apologies your highness, calling you a princess was a grave mistake, I should have called you a psycho,  not trusting princess.  

Before he knew what was happening,  he felt pain as the stick lands his head. "Ouch". 

She smiles feeling satisfied with her accomplishment.

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