After receiving the lecture on his cloud drive from Jake, Creed took a 2 days' leave from the Glitch to go home. Normally, the cadets could not go outside the Glitch before they complete their training. This was a one-year cadet training regimen, and authorities were pretty strict about this rule. 

However, for genuine reasons with proof, it was possible. He provided the reason as "An urgency regarding family".

After teleporting back to his local station at his home planet 'Zerg', he took a ride back home to meet his mom and little sister Hannah. He reached home in 10 minutes, thanks to the efficient transportation.

The condition of his house was not good. It was a normal two-story building house, but the traces of an ongoing financial crisis and a lack of maintenance were fairly visible. He opened the door of the guest room and saw his mother resting on the couch. 

Sign of overwork was noticeable on her face, along with evident dark-circles. His mother was an attractive woman, but the current financial crisis and stress had made her sullen.

Creed's mother, Anna Wilson, was a reputed soldier of the glitch in the past. Anna had opened her solar plexus chakra flow. However, she fell in love and married Hank Gryffon, who was the owner and an instructor of a training facility named 'Rudra Arsenal' on Zerg. 

She soon gave birth to two children, Creed and Hannah. They were a fortunate family, but that did not last long. After the sudden death of her husband, Anna had to take over his job in the training facility. She did it because the income was both stable and safe as compared to being a soldier.

After some years of the grief of losing Hank, when Creed was 13-years-old and was about to complete high school. They found out that 10-years-old Hannah has developed symptoms of a rare genetic illness known as ‘Prion Disorder’. 

Episodes of hallucinations, dementia, and muscle stiffness become common. She needed the utmost priority and care. Anna took charge of her daughter's care and medical treatment, which led to deteriorating focus on her job as the instructor at the Facility, which ultimately led to their mediocre financial status.

Creed saw his mother's struggles and prepared for the Glitch Entrance exam. He wanted to earn money fast, so he applied for the forces of Glitch and even got accepted. He was physically qualified and cracked the entrance.

He had already trained under his father and mother both, so he was a fighter with above-average strength. But after entering the world of the glitch, he realized that his chakra saturation ability was, by far, the worst. 

Worse enough to be called a ‘cripple’. But It was too late now. He got knocked into a different life. While he was reminiscing about the past, his mom uttered.

"So how long are you going to stare at me with those dejected eyes?" Anna uttered feebly. "Do I really look that miserable to you?"

"Actually, the opposite, I think you are the strongest in the world." Creed sat near her. "The only miserable person is me... "

"Don't call yourself miserable, that's a bigger insult to me!" Anna put her hand on his head, "Times are tough right now, but you are a part of me. You have what it takes!"

"Thanks, Mom!" Creed smiled forcefully. "I'll keep working hard."

"So... why are you here?" Anna asked candidly. "Don't tell me you got relieved from duties because of that stuck-on-the-root-chakra thing!"

"No! I just took a temporary leave to see Hannah." Asked Creed with a dull tone, "How is she now?"

"She is fine. In fact, more than fine. The frequency of the symptoms has reduced." Anna’s words put some relief on his face. She added further. "But the doctor said that they have to keep her in the hospital for now,"

Anna smiled as she went on. "Go! See her... she misses you often."

"Yeah!" Creed smiled lightly.

"And what about the training facility?" Creed halted and asked. "Will you continue to teach as an instructor?"

"Why not? Her health is stable right now. Although I am planning to sell some pieces of equipment which will keep us going for a few more months," said Anna after some thought.

"No… wait! I have some money on me! I’ll wire it to you… selling equipments is not a good idea!"

Anna nodded as she saw desperation in his eyes.

"Alright, I’ll go see her now!" Creed got up on his feet. 

"Yeah! Just keep in mind to let me in, if something keeps bothering you." She looked at his son's back. "Try your best, but you can't hide that frustration."


"Actually, I do have something on my mind..." Creed halted and turned back to his mother, "Do you remember any of my childhood friends? Maybe a boy and a little girl. I often see this weird dream!"

"A boy and girl! Hmm... I don't think so. Besides, how could you have made friends when you were always training in the facility?" Anna was aware of his son's past introversive behaviors. "It's just some random dream you mind cooked up!"

"Hmm, that’s what I thought," Creed then left home and went to Hospital. "Alright, mom. I'll see you later."

After reaching the hospital, he went straight to her unit and knocked at the door. Then a sweet voice came from behind.

"You can come in,"

"Mom told me you were missing me, so I came," Creed opened the door.

13-year-old girl was resting on her bed, fidgeting on her tablet screen, her only source of entertainment. Her forehead was wrapped in bandages, but her eyes were filled with vigor.

"Yeah, I missed you, but only a little. You know those machines are scary, they just go inside my nose then I feel so much pain," Hannah replied. "But now I think I feel much better!"

"That's... fantastic!" Creed said with a smile. "But if you have trouble with anything, don't be afraid to call for help, alright?"

"Doctor said, although the disease was supposed to be long term, the treatment was successful." Hannah replied with a smug grin. "If I keep recovering at this rate, I'll be better in no time. Am I amazing or what?"

"Yeah, you are amazing, dealing with all these scary machines for 3 years. You are the 'Super-Girl'," replied Creed with pride.

"Don't tell mom, okay, but I think I will come to glitch." Hannah said with a stern tone. "After the treatment, I will complete studies, and I'll sign up for it."

Creed’s pupils shrank. What!! Why?"

"Because I want to get stronger," Replied Hannah with no delay. "I have read that chakra flow makes humans very strong, so I want to join too."

"I see..." said Creed after some thought, "We'll tell this to mom, if she agrees, I agree. Okay?"

"You think I am dumb? You know she will never agree," Hannah replied with a pout. "You better promise that you will support my decision even if mom denies it, or I'm not leaving this hospital ever!"


"Cheeky brat..." Creed's eyebrows twitched. "Alright! But I have a condition. If you can't show a complete recovery in five months' then forget that we ever had this discussion. If you win the bet, I will ask mom myself."

"You got yourself a deal, mister. Don’t back off when you lose."

After some more casual chit-chat, he left the hospital. While going back home, away from the hospital, he dialed a number. A person picked up the phone.


"Hello Creed, how are you doing?"

"Hi Uncle," said Creed. "It’s been a while. How are you?"

"I am fine, how come you are calling me today?"

"Actually, I am in a bit of a bind with expenses for Hannah's treatment. Can you lend me some money?" Creed asked politely. "I have finally hit a rock bottom today, so I was thinking if you can pay me with the Gordon's tuition fee for glitch entrance?"

"Sorry Creed, but I can't help you." His Uncle replied in a condescending tone. "I know I promised you high fees, but after I heard you are still stuck on the root chakra for an entire year, I have changed my mind."

"What? what does that even mean?"

"Your teaching has flaws, and that means your tuition was worthless." His uncle didn't go easy on him, turned rude. "I still regret about my decision of hiring you as my son’s teacher!"

"Uncle, what are you talking about?" Creed felt a sting deep in his heart. "He crossed the bar after I taught him, and now he is already a level higher than me in the glitch. How can you call that a flaw in teaching?"

Creed added, "all of my notes and research papers, I read and accumulated with great difficulty and expense!" Creed explained with misty eyes, "Are you going to ignore all my efforts?"

"Creed, you said it yourself, it was your notes." His uncle countered, "If your notes and material were so great, then why are you stuck in the bottom, eh?"

"It means your teaching has flaws. Fortunately, my son is a genius since he crossed the bar, even with your crappy notes. My point is... he actually never needed your help, and I just couldn't see his hidden potential."

"But..." he tried to retaliate.

"Sorry Creed, but I can't help with anything." 





"Dammit!" Creed cursed. "This ungrateful bastard!"

"Genius Gordon, my ass! Me stuck on the bottom has nothing to with my expertise on Glitch Entrance Exam." He clenched his fist. "Fuck! Everyone kicks you when you are down."

After the conversation to his ungrateful uncle and losing his last option, he went inside a nearby Electronic Vestibule and clicked a screen inside which stated "Login with Cloud (OR) Login Anonymously".

He clicked on the second option and opened the Official website of "Brahma Groups". He selected the option beta-pills, and click on the 'Sell' option immediately, and registered the information of the bank account he needed money in.

"I wanted to save it in case of emergency, but I am truly out of options." Creed uttered as he glanced at his shivering palm. "This is the only way I can help mom right now!"

He then put the pill inside the newly appeared tray from the Vestibule Wall. The tray went back inside the cavity and a message flashed on the screen.

[Authenticity of the product verified]

[Transaction Successful]


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