Change of perception

"I ask you again!" Creed shot a glare, "Which one of you touched my bird?"

The man coughed the ground with his bloody organs. The stage boiled under the tension undefined in all senses. Yet, Dollar Twenty and the other five stood unfazed by the turn of tables. 

However, amidst the chaos, the audience's guts flipped upside down. Both McConnell and Jiang siblings felt their lifespan shortening. 

Artemis' eyes turned teary. Her ears burned red when she saw gallons of blood gushing down from Creed's head, dripping all the way to his chin.

Kiara, Akasha and Grisha looked at the scene with tightened chests. A razor-sharp sensation crawled inside their blood vessels. Not just them, but several hunters from the crowd now had their undivided focus on the unbridled escal

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Baibhav Bansal
when will come today?.........
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hey man! I know regular updates are lacking...I will definitely post one more today
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Baibhav Bansal
author its an interesting turn of events...plz dont break the chain....just keep coming new chapters faster

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