Who Rips Who

'So she has ascended too…' Akash murmured to himself, 'bad! This couldn't get worse... Gryffon… What are you going to do now? You better run this time...'

The pressure that burst out was something Akash and Kiara were already familiar with, because the intensity was the same as his own rhythm. This kind of pressure could only come from a person who has ascended from the boundaries of bhu-lok.

Kiara and others were also freaking out right now. Artemis and the four siblings' faces have turned pale already. They all understood that this just might be the end of this entire thing.

There was no way Creed could stand up to her. His level of power was far too low compared to hers. Even with his berserk skill, catching up to an ascended individual is just not possible for a mere elite, no matter how strong. The best cour

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