Bells High School

Cyrus POV

First day of school resumption was usually a happy day for me, since that was what I loved the most, my head buried among pile of books, the interest for studying started when I was a child, my mom was a busy accountant and my Dad a famous lawyer, he works his brain out taking powerful cases one after the other, My parents simply put do not have the time for each other not to talk of me

Everyone wakes up 5:00am to attend to their toiletries and breakfast is served at 6:00am by our ever loyal cook Mrs. Adams who has been working with my family ever since I was born and practically raised me, Mrs. Adams is an elderly woman in her early fifties, after she serves the meal, everyone eats and we all disperse there at the table, My Mom was usually the first to leave the table

“Honey be good at school, the driver will drop you” she sashays to me, give me a peck on the cheeks like I was some toddler and then moves over to Dad with her golden bag in hand side hugs him

“Bye sweetie” That was all, She was gone

The next is my Dad who preaches propriety and is always lecturing me after mom leaves every morning about keeping a good image at school

“As a lawyer, I have a lot of people who will want to point out my weaknesses so do not make yourself one of my weakness” he says sternly takes a pause, he takes a sip of his tea, glance at the newspaper in his hands , drops it then turns to face me again with a softer expression as if he never spoke to me in a harsh tone before

“That is why you have to keep up your excellent performance at school, just last week I followed the State governor to a function and there I met your School Principal, he told me you are the best student in your class and I was so proud, he even says it in the midst of my colleagues, I was so proud of you “ he repeats with a face full of smile this time, looking me up as if I had caused him to receive a medal from the president

Seeing he is being so filial, I decided to burst his bubble “Dad there is a Parents meeting with the principal at 2:00PM today?” I stopped there and obediently drank my tea, expecting the reaction I know he will surely not disappoint me with

“Sorry love, why don’t you ask Mrs. Adams to go, she is around isn’t she?” was my Dad shameless reply, he immediately dropped the tea cup he was holding, went to the sofa to pick up his bag to make his escape

“But Mrs. Adams is not my parent you are?, and besides why should I be the one to tell her that, even if she is to make an appearance you should be the one to tell her that, you are older “ I said not willing to drop the matter I walked up to him with a total innocent expression, giving him an expression of a child that was being maltreated to make him feel guilty but my Dad trust me was just a willing donor of sperm to make me, he does not have a single parental bone in his body, I was defeated outright

“Honey I got to go, I will email her when I get to work” he said before opening the door and he went to his blue range over car and sped out of the compound without a backward glance at the child he abandoned at the doorstep, there goes one of the country senior advocate

The thing is I do not care, I have gotten use to his behaviour overtime, and I only wanted to shut him up, before he starts preaching to me about maintaining my grades at school

I turned back seeing Mrs. Adams sited at the dining table, her expression was unreadable, she was such a loving mother to me, I love her more than my own mother

“You were a little too harsh on him just now you know that” she asked looking at me lovingly, as she began packing the plates and cups on the dining table

“He deserves it “I stood up to help her clear the table

“You know I will never abandon you, and do not worry I will be there for the Parents meeting” she said sympathetically

“There is no PTA meeting, it was a lie” I said going to my room to pick up my school bag.

“What if he finds out?”

“He will never find out and you know it”

“That’s true” she murmured to herself and followed me into my room sitting on the bed; she began putting things in order

“Now now sugar you need to let go of that feeling, do not go hard on them, they are just busy people at least you are not left alone, I promise to always be there for you” she said pleadingly taking a hold of my hand as I made to go past her

“Yes, but you have your own family too, you can’t always be there for me” I said painfully, that was a reality, that stares me in the face all the time

“you are like my son sugar” she says lovingly and stood up, taking the comb from my hand  and began to comb the hair I failed to straighten after shower, Sometimes I wonder if to her, I was still not the baby that was handed over to her to take care of when I clocked one year

I am now a eighteen year old youth, I had Dad’s height which was 6’3, and my facial looks were mostly that of my mom, she is a fair skinned beauty, my hair grew out was a brown shade like my mom’s, my beauty was not usually noticed in our school though since I was the top nerd of the school, and glasses to compliment my status and even if it was no one had the audacity to tell me, they just knew not to

“The driver is here, time for school” Mrs. Adams said bringing me out of my thoughts

“I will get going then”

She gave me a hug before taking me to the car, she instructed the driver to drive slowly like she usually does before the car moved down the bend with her still waving at the car park

The drive to school was silent as usual, nothing interesting happens in my life, throughout the long vacation, I didn’t move an inch outside the house just me and Mrs. Adams every single day, no interesting event aside from occasional teasing of my Dad and Mom, my books were the next thing I had for comfort and Dad made sure I had it in abundance at least that a was part of my life, he doesn’t neglect

Mrs. Adams had earlier assured me that my Mom and Dad loved each other but it was just their work that got in their way and made them strangers to each other, which effectively affected my upbringing apart from the motherly love of Mrs. Adams I have never even known what love is, kids at school think am haughty but the truth is I can’t give out what I don’t know

and I can’t blame them ,Life was just too unpredictable.

On getting to School the driver dropped me at the car park and immediately left since students were not allowed to bring their cars to school, only staffs, I dropped and began walking to the school entrance

I saw many familiar faces but since it was not like I knew any one of them on a personal bases, we only waved each other and moved on to our various classes, the morning Assembly was at 7:00 am, so there was a rush for the classroom before going over to the assembly field,

As I was passing, I saw a group of students surrounding a particular class, peeping inside and whispering to each other, I moved closer since the class happens to be my next promotional class, I shoved and shoved past their middle, finally I was at the front of the class and my breath hitched, air refused to come out of my lungs, before me was the most beautiful fair skinned lady I had ever seen , she looked up at me and our eyes were fixed on each other, she has hazel eyes, so captivating

My mom is an African Beauty, but this is an American beauty and she is sited on my designated sit which was the first seat at the front roll, her long hair were splattered around her shoulders, her skin was glowing, she was a curvy female and a sensual one at that, she commanded attention at all places, she was a jade like perfect figure

I moved forward to put my bag on the sit beside hers as I sat down she smirked her eyes glowing mischievously

I also smirked inwardly; this is surely one hell of a black bellied beauty,

I was wrong to have thought my life was going to be boring forever. This senior year was sure going to be interesting

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