Chapter-2 Blue Sky

At school 

Arjun felt a little assured. 

As the Assembly is over, now at least he won't have to be embarrassed before others. He was approaching his class but, his principal caught him.

'' Arjun, late again."

" Come to the office right away ". 

Arjun thought in his mind..

' Ahhh! if I would have been 5min later, I would not have been discovered. Can't that busy square could've kept us more engaged. No, if only I would have been little slow, Ahh nothing now, Arjun be ready'. 

Arjun followed his principal to her office. 

'' May I come in..Mam. "

'' Yes, so What excuse do you have today?.'' 

The principal of his school knew almost everyone in the school ,be it a teacher or a student or any other person. She has been very efficient at her work. 

'' Amm mm, We got stuck in traffic…. Mam ''. 

'' Sorry Mam, I won't be late again''.

She moved her head disapprovingly and her phone rang & & & &.. 

" For now, I am sparing you "

"Don't be late again, At school you should be disciplined. "

"leave now". 

" Yes, Mam" 

Arjun left, he heard his Principal being busy with her phone call.

' It must have been an important call. Whatever fine let us rush to class now. ' He wondered. 

When he reached his class, he found, his class teacher was about to start her lecture.

Arjun was standing in front of the class, wondering.. should he ask or get in silently. But why Ritvik didn't spare any place for him.

' He must have been late himself. '


'' Yes, late again, I saw Principal Mam called you."

"Grow up, Arjun. Get in fast, I was just about to start. '' 

"Yes, mam". 

 He found an empty place and settled himself. 

Then the class passed from one period to another period. And day felt normal now. Soon it was break time. He thought to talk to his friend, who seemed a little off today. But strangely, he felt as if his friend was ignoring him. As he went past him without saying anything. But why?.

For now, he trusted him, there could be something, that had been troubling him, maybe he needs a little space now. After all, they have been childhood friends. 

Arjun went to play football with others. Meanwhile, they were playing…. 

" Hey, you intentionally made me

fall '' 

" You are misunderstanding "... 

Two of his classmates started fighting with each other. 

Arjun sighed!

' Today's day, is full of troubles, Why do you have to fight today again ' Arjun mumbled 

As always, Arjun went between them to settle the fight. But he himself fell down and all his clothes got dirty. 

Bell rang and it was time to go back. 

' What a great day, is there something more '...He thought. 

He got himself up, washed before going back to class. He silently settled down. Hoping not to be noticed by anyone now. 

Again one after the other period passed and soon it was last period and it was science period. 

Although Arjun like exploring things, he never liked attending this class. As his teacher never leaves any opportunity to pick on him. 

Class started ...

' Good Afternoon Students, 

I hope you had a great summer vacation. Are you ready for today's class.' 

' Yes sir' Everyone replied. 

' So, Every one of you, let's start today by checking your holiday homework' 

' School have only resumed today, so you must have been exhausted already.' 

' Have you all completed the holiday homework?'

' Yes sir'; half of everyone replied. 

Meanwhile, Arjun was busy with his thoughts. 

 ' Which homework, I have done all the homework right, Ohh noo.. Aunt Mary can make me do everything I mentioned, but what about the homework that I completely forgot, Arjun you are gone today, how can you forget something like it, especially about this subject '. 

Fortunately, he had found the last place today and time went by quite quickly. But his teacher reached him. And he had no homework to show of course. 

" Yes, Arjun where is your homework?".He stood up. 

And Bell rang,&&&&. 

School got over. 

" I know you haven't completed your homework right!, I had given you so easy question."

'Why the sky is blue?''

He sighed! 

'Well, All those who have not completed your homework do it, 20 times more.' 

' You all can leave now.' 

Arjun finally felt relieved, a really tiring day was over. He went to his bus like all children and had no mood to talk to anyone. And he silently sat down at the back seat. 

The bus started and it went from one stop to another. He was looking outside the window and was occupied with his thoughts. He didn't notice that his stop went past him. He suddenly realized 

'Hey, why didn't bus stopped, where is he now'. Did they go too far? ' 

He immediately rushed forward 

"Driver uncle, stop the bus please!" 

He realized that he was not too far, he is familiar with the area, he can walk back home. He had no energy to ask or explain anything. 

Bus stopped. He stepped down. 

In fact, he was in front of a forest area. Something enlightened his eyes. He had been there, a lot of times with his parents. 

' Now that, I am here, May I visit the waterfall, I can make an excuse to an aunt, I won't take much long'. 

He went straight to the fall and reached there in some time. He sat by the waterfall and started playing with rabbits. He was happy to find them again. 

'Let me check the time.' 

Arjun was allowed to keep a phone, but gaming and internet were locked, it can be opened only by elders of his family. It was because before Mary, he was by himself most of the time and this was something important to ensure his safety. His parents have taken permission from the school. However, he hardly opens it in school. 

' I can stay only for the next ten minutes, Aunt would have started worrying by now!' 

Then he started thinking about everything. 

" Sky is blue, why does it matter? "

"Sky is black at night, isn't it yellow right now. "


Arjun was loud, as no one will be here. He wanted to vent out his anger, But he didn't expect to hear


And, He heard a sound as if a cracker would have burst out. . He was startled and the rabbit jumped from his lap, ended up shifting the stone nearby. 

A silver, coated chip covering had burst out. He picked it up. 

And a little dot of light was around him. 

"Ah what is this, From where did the sound come from? What exactly happened right now '' 

'' What happened right now?". 

He heard 

" What do you mean by, what happened? "

"Can't you see I got positively charged, my electron ran away, All because of you." 

' Is he hearing things now?' Arjun thought.

" Who are you?" He tried to test if he really heard someone. 

 A little light was moving round and round. 

He heard 

' RH18' 

He was surprised, 

"Is This light is the one which is speaking."

He also started hearing a very familiar voice, that was slowly approaching him... He guessed who that person could be. 

He immediately grabbed the chip with broken covering and placed it inside the phone cover. 

He again heard 

' Caught you, hey but where am I now?' 

And who, is this…. Why does he seem a little afraid… 

RH18 and Arjun were not only hearing each other but they were even able to sense what the other one was feeling. 

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