Chapter-7 This is how you can handle him

" This incident affected my father greatly, Although everything sorted out in the end; he changed his job and came to management. My mother started working too." 

" If we didn't stop them, who knows how many more  people will suffer " 

Arjun signed heavily and worriedly, As it had been very difficult for him to accept these situations. He never understood how someone could harm others.

Rhythm didn't know what to reply. It was as if he was scratching his head, but he must say something.

So, In the next moment, he swirled around Arjun. As he swirled around him, A blue light traced its path. 

Arjun blinked his eyes twice. It took him a few seconds to realize what happened just now. It was definitely a yes from him. He was both surprised and rejoiced inside. At this moment it was as if he forgot about everything. 

" Rhythm one more time. Please.." 

Rhythm looked over him. And After anticipating a little... 

" You seem alright, why should I do it again. " 

Arjun giggled as he heard him. 

" I didn't see this side of you. huh. I never taught you this." 

Mary had been rushing towards their car. But she paused seeing Arjun's genuine smile. His innocence, his mischiefs and his genuine smile can make anyone forget about their trouble and make them watch him. This was one reason why his parents were sending him to their friend home. This was also one reason why she was working as her caretaker. Then she remembered Rudhir words…

[ Arjun and Ritvik both will grow up someday. They too have to face the world tomorrow. If he is taking his own initiative why should you stop him? Let him do it. I don't know completely about the situation but if it really becomes difficult I will take care of it. Don't worry. I will be backing them up.] 

Reminding of his words, she signed. She took easy footsteps towards their car. And simply sat down on her place, while keeping the parcel at the backside of the car and started it. 

Arjun had already seen her coming so he had settled himself up as nothing happened. After all, as long as Rhythm is around he can always experience it again. 

Mary took their car slowly through the busy street. 

Arjun caught sight of a person he knew quite well. He waved his hand towards her and in the next moment. 

" Aunt, Can we stop the car nearby for a few minutes, I will be quick." 

" Hmm," Mary sneaked into the window, seeing Mehar she waved to her. Then she parked the car sideways. 

" only for a few minutes" 

" Yes," Arjun nodded and he indicated Rhythm to stay inside. 

Then he ran slowly towards Mehar. 

Mehar was a PhD student who had made frequent visits to the forest area. They have met many times there. 

Mary didn't mind anything as Arjun and Mehar have always met like this whenever they crossed each other's path. 

Arjun went on the other side of the road. 

" Hey, champ, what's up? "

" I am fine Sis, however, I wanted to ask you for a favour ." 

He said certain things in her ear. She kept nodding. 

At last. 

" Will that be okay with you?" 

" yaa, No problem" Mehar replied 

" Okay, today I am in a little bit of a hurry so.." 

" Don't mind, see you then" 

Arjun gave her his watch. she took it and then they simply bade goodbye. 

Arjun slowly ran back to their car.

Mary was waiting for him on the other side of the road. 

She opened the door of the car seeing him coming her way. 

" Slowly, slowly we are almost near" 

Arjun smiled pleasantly and simply sat down at his former place. 

They drove through a few streets and reached their destination in no time. 

To their surprise, Smita Ritvik's mother was standing on the door. Mary had already informed her about their arrival and Arjun's stay. But she didn't expect to meet her on the doorstep itself. 

Mary helped Arjun with his luggage. Mary and Arjun greeted Smita. Smita greeted them back. She took Arjun inside. She asked Mary to join him. 

" I am very sorry I won't be able to join you today but let's see each other next time." 

 She handed her the snacks they had brought. 

" I will be entrusting him to you. Please take care of yourself as well." 

Mary wanted to ask if everything was alright but she chose not to ask anything. After all, not saying anything is sometimes better than comforting. They both bid goodbye to each other. 

Arjun had already gone inside. 

As he went towards Rithvik's room he went through Arav's room. 

Seeing his uncle he greeted him. 

Arav was busy with his laptop. Seeing Arjun he wanted to leave his work there and come to him. Though he was doing something important so he simply greeted him back. 

Arjun also wanted to go to him but he didn't know how he should respond to him at this moment. So simply crossed his room and entered Rithvik's room, which was right beside him. 

Arjun signed, he looked towards Rhythm. 

" Rhythm, don't take his words to your heart, he likes to play strong." 

 Rhythm stared at Arjun 

" hmmm" 

 " Don't worry, watch me, you will know how to handle him." 

They both went inside. 

Ritvik was not inside his room. Arjun and Rhythm saw each other. 

Arjun smiled and they both went inside. He sat over his bed as if it was his own. 

"Do you not have anything else to do?" 

It was Ritvik, his words echoed around the room. He was taking heavy breaths as if he came after running. 

Arjun and Rhythm looked over in his direction. 

" Calm down first, Is this how you will be treating your friend? 

Arjun replied. 

" If you don't like the treatment you can go back. "

Rithvik was somewhere preparing himself for Arjun's thousand questions tomorrow. But he never thought that Arjun would come like this to his home. He was indeed like his elder brother. And for this reason, he didn't want to involve him. Knowing he has already gone through a similar situation. He was thinking he can handle things on his own. He was also pleased to see him at his home. But as Arjun said he likes to play strong. 

Hearing his reply he looked over at him with a stern gaze. 

" Aunt has already left, and your car has gone for repair. And it's already 8 pm…  Anything else" 

Ritvik paused for a moment. He didn't know Arjun was already prepared. He was anticipating to figure out what he was thinking. 

"By the way, why are you here.". 

It was Arjun who spoke up. 

Ritvik tightened his brows. 

" Did you forget, this is my home  and this is my room?" 

" Exactly, that's why I am here." 

He put both his elbows over the pillow and sat comfortably taking bed's back support. 

 Ritvik was looking at him. His false anger has already given up, the moment he saw him. He was dragging his pretend to the point he could. Now he was watching him with amazement. 

" What are you talking about?" Ritvik asked in a low voice. 

Arjun smiled thinking his work was almost done. 

" See, this is my bed, that is my table and this is my cupboard for this week. If you mind sharing them you can go elsewhere." 

Seeing Ritvik loss at words he was taking advantage of it as he pinched him by teasing. 

Ritvik giggled secretly… 

 ' So, he has switched on his teasing mode.' 

" Don't go overboard, " He replied, acting seriously. 

" I am not going overboard, do you want me to complain about you to uncle Arav, he can tell you himself." 

Uncle Arav has always supported him. In his eyes, his own son was too serious and sincere at his age. He believes everyone should have a good record of mischiefs in their childhood. For this very reason, Arjun's mischief goes one level up in his home. Again if something really goes wrong it was always Rithvik's fault for not paying attention to him and for not taking care of him. 

On the contrary, Rudhir has always supported Ritvik. He supports Arjun, by always giving him backup for his initiatives. But he has always admired Ritvik. He is in fact sometimes very strict to him. Arjun didn't know himself why some of his mischiefs got supported without notice while why sometimes he had to prepare himself for an hour-long lecture on learning from Ritvik. This way things were opposite for both and also balanced at the same time. 

Ritvik knew his father would only support him. And If he hears that he was rude to him, it will be wrong as he is already dealing with many things. So he gives up first. Arjun never had any plan to trouble him. He is aware of Ritvik nature and his weakness 

Ritvik sat down beside him. 

" You silly, you can't even remember little things." 

Arjun signed with victory. He looked over him. 

" If you were talking about today's incident then it was all your fault, if only you would have reminded me of the homework I would have completed in the breaktime. "

" Not alone that you kept ignoring me, so you must take responsibility for it." 

Ritvik looked over at him with a questioning look. 

' I am not angry at this doesn't mean I will fulfil everything you say.' He thought in his mind. 

" Aunt Mary hadn't told your parents that I will stay here for the week, she must be thinking of taking me away tomorrow. So you should go and convince them." 

" Why should I?" Ritvik spoke. 

" Don't you want to find out who is behind the false accusation of your father? Are you suspecting him? "

This time he was looking over him with surprise. 

He was not suspecting his father. But it was as if Arjun is head over heels after the person. He wondered how he is super sure that someone is behind it. He felt a little pity for him. But that person definitely doesn't deserve his pity. 

So he stood up. 

" You too come over. Lets first serve them the snacks you brought." 

Arjun smiled " yes sure". 

 Arjun looked over to Rhythm 

" See, this is how you can handle him." 

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