Chapter 2

"You are bad!"

The woman with long blonde hair stood half pounding the table, staring at Gamma, who was just calm and cold. The woman's eyes filled with tears and almost cried. Gamma just glanced indifferently.

"I'm really bad." The man smiled sweetly, his face was handsome but now looks full of hatred. "If you are satisfied to vent your anger, you can go."

A slap from the tapered fingers of sparkling red nails flew away, hitting Gamma's cheek hard. Her emotions overflowed due to Gamma's cruel treatment of her. Gamma accepted it calmly, he was used to it. Emotional women will usually try to hurt their opponent when they are hurt. It gives them a satisfying, commensurate taste.

Gamma's eyes flashed, and half smiled at the woman before him, "Satisfied?"

The woman was speechless, tears running down her cheeks, unbearable. Then with sobbing tears, the woman left half running away from Gamma.

Gamma rubbed the slap on the cheek that felt a little hot, noticing that several eyes were on him in the cafe. Well, those people are bound to be attracted by a dramatic event like a drama shooting before their very eyes. Gamma knew that Rosa must have been angry when she broke up with him ruthlessly, but Gamma had never expected Rosa to be so dramatic. If only Gamma had known, he would have chosen a more private place to do it.

Calmly, Gamma snapped his fingers, gesturing to the maid who immediately rushed over to her.

"Black coffee, don't use sugar, one," he muttered quietly and sat down to wait. As is his custom, after breaking a woman's heart, Gamma will drink a cup of black coffee, to honor the moment.

Over time this has become a habit. Gamma frowned. It seemed that Gamma would never be able to get into a relationship with a girl, without him being tempted to hurt them. In the end that's what he will always do.

Oh, don't ask, Gamma is a kind and charming lover. He will treat all his lovers like queens, they will be pampered with love, given priority and will definitely feel like the happiest women in the world. Until finally Gamma threw them away when he felt the time had come.

The black coffee is coming. Gamma took a sip and winced at the bitterness and sourness typical of thick coffee. He then pondered. All the women seemed never to be deterred. They always come and come again, expecting their love. Even though Gamma's reputation as a ladykiller is so famous, they even consider Gamma as a prize that must be won, felt like they could conquer Gamma in the end.

A cynical smile spread across Gamma's lips.

Huh! They all dream.

Gamma's fingers gripped his glass tightly, carried away by his feelings. His hatred for his mother had penetrated, deep into the depths of his dark soul. What her mother did to her, to her father and younger siblings, just separating them, is an unforgivable sin. Gamma would never forgive his mother for that one thing. Will never! Because if his mother didn't grab him and then just left him, Gamma should still have a chance to spend his days with his father. The father who then could never be met again even until the last day his father lived in the world.

At least, in the end Gamma was reunited with his younger sibling, Athena, after years of being separated without a trace. Whether it was God's destiny or indeed God always listened to Gamma's prayer every night, his sister who is now a grown and beautiful, coincidentally became the foster child of his best friend's mother. They were met by accident, but from the first glance, Gamma knew right away. Although Athena couldn't remember it because when they were separated Athena was still very young, Gamma immediately recognized his sister.

Who could forget the cute face that looked at him with adoring eyes, stalked him everywhere and always shouted his name happily when they were little?

Unfortunately the same fate didn't touch Gamma and his father. From Athena's story, Gamma knew that his father's life was so difficult with Athena, his father—a world-class violinist who is so famous who then collapsed because of a defect in his hand—he even had to work as a builder to support himself. At the same time, Gamma lived abundantly with his adoptive family. The guilt continued to drive deeper and deeper into his soul, deeper and darker, making him feel bitter and full of remorse.

Gamma should be with his father even though they have to live hard. Gamma is a boy, at least he can work to help his father and Gamma's deepest regret … he should have embraced his father at the last moment, escorting his body to his final resting place.

That was all he couldn't do and it made him feel sad. Sad and hateful, hate his mother who has made him lose all the precious moments he could have felt.

His mother has now received the reward. As a result of his amateur kidnapping attempt to obtain property, his mother had to stay in prison for some time. Well, the most suitable place for a woman like that is in prison.

Gamma frowned. Life has led to a quiet path now, Athena is already living happily with her husband who adores her so much. Gamma himself should have been able to put his long grudge in peace, but he can't.

That resentment still burns towards all the women who chase him just because they see his good looks or see his wealth and ability to play the violin. Gamma didn't like them all. They will end up just like his mother.

Maybe later, when Gamma lost his ability to play the violin, losing his wealth and good looks, these women will dump him, just like when his mother dumped his father.

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