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She was walking towards her office which was on the top floor of one of the most highest buildings in the city, owned by her.

 Her heels were clicking on the floor making rythm of their own. Her head was held high like nothing could affect her. She was a beautiful woman.

She could stun anyone with her white complexion, big eyes, sharp jawline, a straight nose and heart shaped lips. It seemed like she was perfectly carved, with a body everyone dreamed of.

Her aura screamed authority and her piercing gaze could make people freeze in their spot. She was the perfect example of stone face. There was not a hint of emotions on her face, making people curious about what she might be thinking. Her lips were set in thin line.

As she was passing by, people were greeting her but she was walking straight without replying to anyone.

She was the present CEO and owner of one of the biggest corporations in the world, The JESHLL corporation.

Her friend LOUIS CORNER, a man of great beauty with his perelfectly sculptured features and body, also one of the directors of her corporation was walking behind her. 

His hands were typing something on his phone, his eyes were focused on the mobile screen and his face screamed frustation with a frown adorning his forehead and lips set in thin line.

A man standing by an elevator noticed them coming and immediately greeted them after pressing the button to call the elevator.

She stopped there for a while, taking a brief look at that man's sweaty forehead and turned towards the elevator that made a ding sound to indicate its arrival.

The elevator was empty as, it was a private elevator for only directors and CEO.

She stepped inside followed by Louis. Louis placed the phone inside his pocket and fixed his jacket, while thinking of finally starting the conversation with her.

"Sia, how can you do this?! They will make a huge deal out of it and we will lose profit" Louis was looking at Sia worriedly with also hint of anger and frustation on his face.  He was constantly pushing his hair back with his hand.

He was talking about the incident that happened in the party, one night before.

~Flashback to the party

She was at a party which was hosted by one of her investors and it was important for her to be there. It was an hour she had been there.

The CEO of X corporation, also a flirtious and hideous middle aged man George Wingston was trying to flirt with Sia.

He was known for not respecting women and misbehaving with them. He was a man who thought, a woman can only be successful if she sleeps with men. He had the same perception about Sia. 

Sia was well informed about his antics, so she decided to ignore him by giving him, her usual poker face.

George thinking that she was just playing hard to get, kept pestering her by being all touchy and intruding.

She was acting indifferent as always, when she felt George's hand touching her waist and then slowly creeping down towards her butt.

She turned and looked at George who was talking to a businessman standing in front of them, pretending that nothing was happening.

Her hand clenched around the glass she was holding and she slowly took a sip still feeling his hand creeping up and down, rubbing her waist.

The man he was talking to left and George looked at Sia biting his lips. Lust was clear in his eyes when he met Sia's eyes.

Sia was sipping wine from her glass while looking in George's eyes. George suddenly smirked and leaned closer to Sia to whisper something in her ear, " You are so hot baby! I am so turned on!" He said and exhaled heavily by Sia's ear.

She not being affected by any of this, still calmly asked George to get his hands off her, " Mr. George, you should get your hand off me"

She was being considerate of the fact that he was the CEO of one of the biggest companies. He was a potential ally.

After hearing what Sia said, his hold on her waist became tight.

He whispered one more time so no one could hear them," Don't play so hard to get, it turns me off"

He was still smirking. He was looking at Sia noticing her expressions that were blank, making it hard for him to know what she was thinking about.

Her brows furrowed together, "Can you not understand my language?!" She was shaking the glass, a little in her hands looking at the wine with eyes cast down.

George scowled as he was getting impatient and her denial was making him angry. He left her waist and grabbed her butt instead and persisted once again, 

" I know you want it too, let's go to the rooms upstairs for a little bit of fun. You will enjoy it!"

Sia's face became more cold when George grabbed her butt.

Louis was also present there but he was talking to their business partners, discussing the upcoming projects.

Even if he was talking to them, his focus was on Sia and he was understanding what might be happening there.

He was clenching his jaw while looking at George. He wanted nothing more to go to them and beat the hell out of George. But he was a diplomatic man, he believed in solving everything rationally not wanting people to become enemies. He knew what enmity can do in this dark business world.

Sia suddenly looked up at Louis, he knew what she will do just by the way she looked at him, so he shaked his head at her hoping, that she will drop the idea.

Sia noticed him shaking his head and thought about not doing anything for a second.

But George was not in the mood to let her go this easily. She glanced back at George and threw him a seductive smile, leaning towards him to whisper,

"Mr. George Wingston, Why go upstairs?!... Why not you come with me to that secluded corner?! I am sure we both will enjoy it! "

Her one hand was clenching the glass while other was grabbing George's coat.

She leaned back again and saw George smiling triumphantly, He patted Sia's cheeks,

"That's like a good girl! C'mon" 

He took the glass from Sia's hand and placed it on the tray, a waiter was carrying nearby.

He wiped his lips and gestured for Sia to lead the way. Sia licked her lips and started going towards the corner which was almost dark, only lit with dim lights.

George was walking behind, checking her out. He couldn' t help but admit that she was perfect and he couldn't wait to have her. He felt a burning desire for her, to have something that was forbidden.

Louis who saw her going with George while still talking , was angry and frustrated. He internally facepalmed himself,

"Fuck it! The shit is going to get real", he mumbled lowly under his breath.

Then he dismissed all thoughts from his head and started to engage with other businessmen knowing what's coming next.

Just as Sia and George were away from all the prying eyes, George couldn't wait for a single moment, so he harshly pushed her against the wall and caressed her face which was still blank.

His fingers traced her face and went towards her neck. He harshly started to kiss her neck not being able to control himself.

Sia was unresponsive and indifferent.

George got his mouth away from her neck as he had an urge to taste her heart shaped lips so he proceeded towards her mouth but before he could kiss her, he came in contact with something and his world started to spin. Their was an excrutiating pain that went from his nose to his eyes, causing tears to leak out.

"Pah" Sia headbutted him and George saw stars, flinching and shaking his head.

But she was not done yet, she grabbed his head from behind and headbutted him again.

George's blood started flowing. It was clear that his nose was broken. He immediately cupped his nose and fell on his knees. She stepped aside and George collapsed completely, possibly from a concussion.

"Freaking bastard!" She smirked and squated down beside him, " I sure enjoyed it. You must have enjoyed it as well but I think, our definitions of enjoyment are different. Too bad !" She grabbed his face and left it with a jerk rubbing her hands on her dress.

She got up and lazily started walking back to the party humming to herself, while George slowly opened his eyes and saw the leaving silhoutte.

Louis saw her coming out of that corner after a while with blood drops on her dress and no expression on her face.

She left the party, not even staying there for a mere second.

He sighed heavily and mumbled lowly to himself looking at her disappearing back dreamily " You were not like this Sia! It's like I am looking at a stranger!"

He bid his final greetings to the people he was talking to, as his head was pounding with the thoughts of possible upcoming events.

He left the party knowing, that George will become an enemy of her now. It was not like she had many friends.


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