I was roaming around in the garden with slow steps. My head was raised up to look at the sky, while closing my eyes from time to time, inhaling the fresh air. My neck was hurting already, because I was stretching it too much. My heels were hanging in my right hand. After getting my nerves under control, I thought everything through. I know whats going to happen now, I must be prepared.

I took a last long breath and finally decided to go find Hardin. I wanted him to send me to my house.

I didn't know, that someone was watching me, the whole time. Just as I turned around, I almost bumped into someone with a familiar scent. God knows how long he has been here. He sometimes, scares the hell out of me. My hand was placed at my chest, trying to calm down my rapidly beating heart.

I lazily looked up at him with startled eyes but, covered it up immediately with a cough, "I want to go home" I directly got to the, point avoiding eye contact with
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