It's been exactly four minutes, that those three have left the conference room. Time seems to pass, too slow for my liking. Everyone's expecting gaze was set on me, not even wavering for a second. I was drumming my fingers on the desk, disturbing the tense silence in the room.

Just as the clock indicated that five minutes have passed, the door opened with a thud voice and my fingers stopped mid-air. Everyone looked at the door with curosity. I raised my head slowly and came face to face with Mr holmes's red face. Behind him, two of the shareholders who left earlier were also standing, their head bowed down in defeat and embarassment. I smirked at Mr Holmes, consciously trying to infuriate him.

Everyone present was looking at me with surprise and curosity. I knew what they all wanted. They wanted to know, about how I managed to get them back in just five minutes, with
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