Rose’s Pov

Hurriedly , I push my clothes into my duffle bag – the same  duffle bag that I used when I was asked to stay at this mansion. Thoughts of that day , makes my tears flow even harder. My hair drops over my shoulders , getting in the way of my movement – while wiping my tears , strands of them are getting stuck to my face which just amps my frustration and anger. I run my hand through my hair , and it gets stuck on the hair piece which was given to me. Angrily , I tear the hair piece away from my hair which hurts – however , the physical pain I feel is not as bad as how emotionally hurt I am. When the hair piece is away , I tie my hair with a hair tie .

“Why would he want you…” I whisper to myself , while packing all of my own things. I do not take away the things Jason had bought for me – I came to this house with my things and I will leave with it. After packing my duffle bag , I quickly throw over my black hoody over th

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