Chapter 6

"My brain hurts, thanks gran" Rex replied, totally lost at her latest statement.

"Let me start at the beginning to make it a little easier on you," she said sitting down with her coffee, "this may take a while, and please save the questions for the end."

Rex sat hurriedly, totally enthralled that he was finally going to find out things he had merely dreamt about, he was secretly hoping for a mention of why his parents dropped him off and had not come back for him.

Taking in a deep breath, Iris began her explanation,

"This existence isn't the only one that connects to this world, there are a few more, that both you and I and many more belong to, in these places things not thought possible there exist in harmony with everyone, things like magic, for example, as I hear you have already had a small taste yourself. In our world what you would think impossible is quite common, like your feat of strength and the slowing of time, which is quite rare I must admit, the reason why I was surprised you saw me talking to an old friend of mine and how you saw me leave is an extremely rare gift, a gift that allows for you to see through certain barriers erected, like mine with me trying to be discreet, only a small amount of people can even do that at all, I thought it myth myself until I spoke with a person called "The Curator." She is quite knowledgeable about all things magical and you will see her in due time, you were not supposed to be having this conversation until after your 18th birthday, then you would follow me back and take your place in the realm we both actually belong to, there is a reason your parents left you here with me and why they called you Rex, you will find out why in good time, for that is not my place to tell, yet. As for the dagger you saw, I asked my cloaked friend you saw across the street and they told me they knew nothing of who was sent to kill you, but we will find out eventually, now any questions?' She said smiling at Rex sitting mouth agape again.

"This...can't be real" Rex stammered, he had read many storybooks, and this sounded like Iris was adding her own spin to it.

"With everything I have told you, and you experienced, that is all you have to ask?" Iris chuckled, taking a long drink from her cup.

"And the man with the huge hand?" Rex demanded trying to ignore her chuckling at him.

"That is my late husband's good friend, his name is Ley, he is what we call a 'Bohl.' A race of people from the Ragnar Mountains in Bhutan, they are quite large because they are part human and part ogre, quite friendly and can be very intelligent if you ask me," she said.

Rex didn't know what to think, except the question that has plagued him for as long as he could remember, "if I'm from another realm, why am I here and not there? Why did my parents abandon me?"

"That is a story that is hard for me to explain to you, trust me when I say, it was not a decision made lightly, what I will tell you is that it was to protect you from who was coming," Iris replied, scowling.

Must be something serious if she looks this upset Rex thought, so his next question was, "so when can we leave?"

"Once you were 18, we were supposed to be headed back to start your introduction into your new life, that cannot change, for it is important for us all," She said in a serious tone Rex had never heard before.

"Still as cryptic as ever..." Rex trailed off knowing he wasn't going to get much more it seemed.

"You're taking this surprisingly well," Iris said raising one eyebrow.

"I've always known for a long time I was different," Rex said shrugging his shoulders, "this had just confirmed my suspicions, one more question gran, how is a whole different world been kept hidden?"

"Not a new world dear, it is a plane of existence that connects to this one through a gateway held safe by a chosen one called 'The Gatekeeper,' he or she is charged with keeping our people in and others out that have no permission crossing the border, another delightful man you'll soon meet, I know his mother," Iris winked.

Gatekeeper sounds terrifying and Iris speaks about him like they are family friends. 

"So why do I have to wait until I'm 18 to go home?" He asked, emphasizing the words GO HOME to get his point across.

"To begin the path to take your rightful place, of course," she said.

Once again confused, Rex had gotten answers and also many more questions.

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