Chapter 152

“So whoever has brought this army has one hell of a grudge against Dracones, or father” Rex guessed, seeing how much dust over such a large area was being kicked up, “What was the scout's estimate?”

“In excess of 30 thousand strong” Marcia replied, “That’s three times as many as Ean’s last army.”

“Holy shit, how many defend Hale?” Rex asked.

“About 10 thousand,” Marcia said, doing some quick math in her head, “Would be 18 thousand if we could rely on general Chris’s forces, but word is, he is currently under assault as well, it is almost like this attack has been co-ordinated from both sides of the realm at the same time.”

“Three to one odds, battles have been won with a lot worse before” Rex replied.

“Yes, but human battles did not have magic and monsters in their ranks either,” Raz said with a grin.

“Holy shit

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