Chapter 158

As the enemy soldiers charged, they quickly spread out evenly across each squad commanded by Rector’s defence, ‘They are testing our weak spots” Rex heard Rector say to Markus, who nodded in agreement as the small number of soldiers were killed quickly by Rex’s and Ley’s squads, Markus’s and Gwayne’s a few moments later, the barrage of fireballs from the walls reached the enemies’ position almost simultaneously, hitting the barrier created by their warlocks, most being stopped, the more powerful fireballs made it through and scorched the soldiers they hit, dying a few seconds after impact.

“Are you going to try a counterattack?” Markus asked quietly, leaning over to Rector.

“Not directly, no” he replied, stroking his beard, the enemy had not made a move since their test of his defensive line and it worried him, “Something is going to happen, I can feel it.”

“What are you thinking?” Markus said, “I think they are scheming since their test proved our defences are solid.”

“No defence
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Scott Hubing
When the s the next book coming out?
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Sebastion Budgell
Hurry up and release the second book already, then start working on the third book where that one left off
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Sir Rocket
The novel was ended there on a cliff hanger on purpose, like a lot of other authors do to bring interest into next book that I am currently writing which will continue from where this book finished. Thanks to all who read to the end
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