Chloe actually arrived at 8 o'clock. She was already feeling at the airport, but of course she was hiding behind the bodies of the tall people in front of her. Luckily his tiny body was able to slip in safely.

While waiting for Mashii who was still releasing his homesickness with Selena in the lobby. Chloe immediately sat on the chair while waiting for Mashii to enter and meet him. After that Mashii will not meet Selena again. Oh hopefully soon.

While disturbing the boredom that hit Chloe, she stuffed her ears with a headset to play her current favorite song.

It's almost set at the hour and still hasn't entered, is Selena still there or don't you stop joining at this time.

Chloe bravely looked back. There is still Selena who is in Mashii's arms. Mashii smiled and immediately kissed Selena's forehead. Chloe can also see that Selena is holding Mashii in and who knows what they are talking about that makes Selena nod h

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