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"I know it for a fact. I've known your father before. And he has never been a fan of me so." explained Ava.

"yeah. I don't care what he thinks about who I hang out with you know. I'm done having my life controlled. it's just so frustrating. "

"see. you do have something your keeping from me and I've been blurbing about myself all this time forgetting to ask how your doing."

"I don't wanna talk about it. please?"

"really? okay. I can tell you anything about me. ask me anything and I will tell you the truth and in return, you tell me what's bothering you. so you could get it off your chest."

"why? why would you do that? "

"I love carrying people's burdens. " replied Ava chuckling. " seriously. I just want you to feel ease talking to be. i don't want you to be an open book obviously but if we are friends then I would love telling you everything."

"you think so?"

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