ZAVIANA • Heart of Gold
ZAVIANA • Heart of Gold
Author: Azelea Avery

Chapter 1

Aviana Sailor

I woke up when my alarm goes buzzing. I checked it is 6:35 in the morning. I need to get up and get ready for work. I work as a cashier at Green Walmart.

I got up and got ready. I look at the clock it is already 7:10 am. I have 20 minutes to go to work. When I got out from my room, I saw my uncle David and his family eating breakfast.

"The bitch is awake, don’t forget your salary," he said, reminding me to give my salary to him

I didn't steal a glance and walked directly to the door. I took the bus. When I got in the mart. I hurriedly change into my uniform.

"Hi, Aviana" I heard a familiar voice.

My best friend Autumn. She is shy and doesn't have parents like me. Only Autumn and Aimee are my friends.

She and Aimee knew what happens to me when I was not at work. Simply because I don't have FREEDOM

Freedom I wanted.

Autumn only lives alone, she has Aimee and me. No other friends, No family, and just the three of us.

Life is pain.

Only when we have a wifi/data we can communicate to Aimee. She is our Filipino friend who listens, understands, and gives advice to us.

We met Aimee online when we are trying to find a new job accidentally. We all think this is a coincidence that our name starts with the letter A.

I bring out my thought when someone calling my name.

"Aviana? Are you all alright? " Autumn soft voice. I tilted my head to look at her.

"Yeah, I was just thinking," I said, shrugging.

"Ok, tell me if you need something or so whatever," she said softly.

"Yeah, thanks," I said.

I headed to the Cashier counter and start my work. I started punching people groceries, that is my work punch, and exchange money.

A bit later I was waiting for another customer. My eyes scan the area and I saw Autumn accidentally bumped into someone and spilled the Milk she is drinking.

Oh no!

I hurriedly walked to her and helped her stand up.

"Are you ok? Did something hurt?" I asked her and gave her my handkerchief.

I looked at her she is frightened. When I looked into the other side. I saw a tall man figured, Blue eyes, perfect jaw line wearing a designer suit. Businessman, I think.

Oh god!

"I am s-so sorry Sir. I was not lo-looking straight. I didn't mean to do it. I can wash your clothes but I can't pay fo-for it." Autumn stuttered and hurriedly said while wiping the stain in the man's suit.

"Fucking fine. Fucking late" he said blankly.

Is he angry?

"We are truly sorry for what happened, sir. If you need anything you can go come back here. I am Aviana. " I said apologetically while my head down.

He just nodded and left. I breathe in relieved I thought Autumn gonna lost her work.

"Thank you Av" She softly said.

"It's fine be careful next time, what are you thinking? " I said. She doesn't usually look straight when she was thinking.

"I.... uhmmm....uhmmm..." She said, shaking and fidgeting her fingers.

"Relax, I am here breathe in and breathe out. Now, what" I said in a soft voice, calming her down.

"I need money. I might be kicked out in my apartment cause I didn't pay the monthly due." She said softly, breathing heavily.

We only had $1200 salary per month.

"I lend you some of my salaries if I get it later," I replied.

" No. No. Your uncle might get mad if you give less amount he is expecting,” She said hurriedly with pure concern.

"It's fine" I lied but I am used to what will happen.

She gave up and nods. I heard my stomach grumble. I didn't eat breakfast cause I didn't have any money.

"We can share my lunch. "She said. She already knew it.

I am going to deny but she insists

"Please, This is only I can do for all you did to me." She pleaded.

I nodded after we ate I was satisfied.

Hours passed. I finished my work. My manager gave me cash today cause usually I always get paychecks. I gave $300 to Autumn. She thanked and hugged me, I bid goodbye

It was past 5 pm. I was walking to my destination. I didn't have to go to the bank to save my money cause I lend it to Autumn. I started saving money when we got a salary increase last week. My uncle didn't know about it so I decided to save it until I can afford new living expenses when I try to leave the house or should I say prison. I can live my own cause I am 23 already. I just needed to find a new job, of course for them not to find me.

I lived there because I don't have any choice. I have a free small room to live in and eat some food-their leftovers.

I tried to leave once and but I don't have enough savings to spend for my needs. I starved myself and got into the hospital. They called my uncle or guardian. I have no choice to come to them again.

I regained to the present. I didn't notice I am here and my tears are flowing.

Where am I?

This gives me light freedom and peace. "City Night View"

I always look up to the dark sky and look directly at the moon that gives the light in the night.

I always talk to my parents here by looking at the stars at the sky. After that, I look at the busy street of New York, light of the cars, the light of the buildings, and feel the refreshing air.

I decided to go home by taking a bus. When I opened the front door. There they are waiting for my salary.

"Salary," My uncle said, his arms under his chest, tapping his foot.

I opened my bag and get it. I directly gave it to him.

I just saw a flying hand directly touched my cheek. I fell onto the floor with my hand on my cheek, hurting.

"Why is it only $900!” He beamed.

"I... Uhh.... pay for my new u-uniform. " I stuttered and lied.

"Bitch, stand up, go clean the house and make dinner for us," Miranda said, Uncle's daughter.

I nodded and stood up with my tears are flowing.

I refreshed myself before I did my chores and cooked for them.

I set up the table for them to eat. I eat after them of course.

"Ma’am, the food is ready," I informed them. They don’t like being called by their names and not from my mouth.

They started coming from the living room and started to eat. Miranda just gave me a deathly glare but I am used to it.

"Slutty bitch, Dad I think she paid a boy to fuck her that's why she is late today," Miranda said, slicing the meat.

"YOU FUCKING SLUT!" Uncle David yelled. I heard Molly and her daughter started to laugh.

The plastic plate flies onto my face with the food and fell on the floor.

They're doing already hurts too much.

"I didn't adopt you just to be a slut!" He yelled at me.

"No, I didn't," I said quietly.

'God, please help me!' I screamed in my mind. I can't take it anymore.

"Clean up this fuckin mess you slut. I let you graduate from college this is what you will give me in return." He said and they left.

What did I do to them? To hurt me like this. I wasn't brave enough my tears continuously flow in anger and loneliness.

I wiped my tears and started cleaning. I am completely exhausted. I got into my room and lay on the floor. I don't have a mattress to sleep on.

After my parents died in a tsunami in Japan. I was forcefully sent to my uncle David. He got all the money that my parents saved for me in the future. According to him, I needed to pay him staying in his house. I have no choice cause I am just 17 years old and my custody is under him. He started saying mean things to me and sometimes hurt me physically, like what happened earlier.  He owns a small business. Just one thing I got from him is letting me graduate from Tourism but I needed to do all the chores and cook for them. I worked for my tuition fees and all my needs at the small mart here in New York before just to pursue my dream to graduate.

My mom is a flight stewardess and my dad is a pilot. They are the most trusted employees in their company. They told me that when they are rechecking the plane they saw a suitcase with bundles of money.

They didn't think twice and immediately forward it to LOST AND FOUND and found out that belongs to the owner of the airlines.

When they got enough money. They decided to quit the job and start a restaurant business but everything goes down. After the incident in Japan, everything changed.

I remembered the fun and happy moments with my family. We watch a movie, cook with my mom and always give me hugs and kisses, whenever I did wrong, they just correct me and explain to me why is my doing wrong. They don't yell at me or hurt me physically, never happened.

"Don't give up, life is too short so enjoy life, and everything will fall back at its right place," I remembered my mom said.

With that, I drifted off to sleep.

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