Chapter 2

Jadelyn Grey (Zayn's Mother)

I am getting prepared cause I am gonna go to the grocery store. We will have a family dinner including my sons later. I only have one son but I treated them as my own.

Zayn is my only son cause I got a problem after giving birth him. The rest is Blaine and Jacob. I treated them as my own.

Their parents died when they are on vacation in Japan. A big tsunami hit them; none of them survived that is a big loss for us, especially for them. My husband and I didn't fly in Japan because no one will control the company.

After the tragedy, we decided to take care of them and love them as my own. We treat them equally.

They have their penthouses and they are running our business, soon to inherit the business.

Blaine and Jacob's dad and my husband established the Airline called "Tiger Airways" a famous airline around the world except in Singapore and China. My sons are trying to deal with them.

Their moms and I owned hotels and restaurants around here in New York called the "Tigress" We are best friends basically a group back when we are young.

I flashed out of my thought when my husband got into the room.

"Where are you going?" My husband Zaden said.

"I am going to buy some groceries needed for the dinner tomorrow," I said.

"But we have a maid you can ask them." He replied. He doesn't like doing all the maid chores like this but I love it especially it is for my sons.

"No buts, you know me I want all to be ready no more no less. I will cook for dinner tomorrow." I demanded. He just gave up and nodded.

"I want to come,"

I pressed the intercom and ordered our maid to ready our car.

Few minutes later.

"Ma’am, The car is ready." Our maid informed us. Even we have maid and drivers we treated them as a family.

"Let's go, honey," I said. He followed me and got into the car.

"Where to ma'am?" Our driver asked, looking at the mirror.

"Grocery," I said. They know where to if I said that and he started to drive.

"We here, ma'am," he said and I nod. My husband opened the door for me gentleman, as it seems. I got out of the car.

I pulled my wallet out. "Here take this get something to eat while waiting for us and no buts," I said sternly and he smiled.

"Let's go, honey," I said to my husband and he nodded in response.

We entered the grocery store and get all that I need.

"You need anything honey?' I asked.

"I going to get a cheesecake," He said and I nod. He loves sweets like my son.

We can't ever leave this grocery store without his desserts.

"And honey can you get me 3 kilos of crab," I said and he nods. Well, we all love crab especially when it is spicy.

A few minutes later. Zaden came back with a cheesecake on his hand but no crabs.

"Honey, there is no available right now." He said and I frowned

After getting all I needed. We are at the line of seniors. After the cashier punched our grocery, I paid it with my card and thanked her.

We got outside and our driver immediately noticed is and helped us with the bags.

"Home ma'am?" He asks when we got into the car. Before I could answer my husband interrupted.

"No, is there any grocery or mart near here? " Zaden asks.

He knew the dinner wouldn't be complete without a spicy crab. The drive looked at us for seconds and answered.

"Yes sir,"

"Then let's go," He said with a smile and our driver started to drive.

"When we are going to leave to go to the Philippines?" I asked my husband.

We are leaving for the Philippines because we are going to help some children in need. Donate some money, give scholarships, and give them happiness. It also gives us happiness now our time is limited. When we die we can't grave our money to our grave. So we decided to share it to different countries. We usually stay for a month or months it depends on our errand.

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"After 2 weeks, Honey," he said.

"That fast. Why?" I said.

"Remember the kid we helped in Manila that his family abandon him." He said and I nodded.

"He is graduating, we need to support him." He said and I replied with a smile.

We help others but we surely have time bonding with our sons. Family comes first.

Money is just money.

"We are here in Green Mart, Ma'am" Driver informed me.

I got out of the car and I was amazed this is also a big grocery store. I hurriedly head into it with my husband holding my hand.

I hurriedly go get 3 kilos of Crab and some chili flakes. I didn't notice Zaden is not following me. I just go around to search for some new things and food. I got myself some new kitchen towels; its design is so unique.

"Hey, look what I got honey! " He exclaimed and I turned around to face him, he got dessert again.

"What is that? You might get diabetic if you eat a lot of sweets." I reminded him.

"I don't know what it is called also but it says here that this is a Filipino Sweets. "He said and I just nod. He put it in the cart

"It looks so creammyyyyy" He sang like a baby and I laughed silently.

After we got everything. I lined to the cashier to pay. When it is my turn.

"Good Morning Madam." A familiar voice of a shy girl greeted, I smiled but didn't look up cause I am putting grocery to the counter and my husband is helping me. I saw the sweets that my husband got earlier; I looked up and saw the girl punching our groceries with her head down.

" What do you call this?" I asked, holding the sweet.

"Madam, It is called Leche flan," She said shyly.

When her eyes met mine. I was shocked wide eye. She has a very familiar voice too, her cheek is red as I think someone slapped her and her eyes are puffy red looks like she cried also she looks pale and thin.

I studied her face and go down to her uniform with a tag on it.


I looked up to see my husband. He is shocked too.

I regained to reality when a soft voice calling.

"Madam, a total of 70$," she said and I immediately gave her $100 bill.

My husband and I got out of the grocery.



"Madam your change"

I stopped at my tracks and turned my back to look at the voice calling me.

A pretty familiar face. Aviana.

"Oh, thank you. You can keep it." I said with a smile but she shakes her head no.

"No, madam it is fine." She said with her eyes with mine.

She is really shy and honest.

Sunlight shine to us, I saw her cheek with red fingers marked.

"Take it, young lady," my husband interrupted but she denied again by shaking her head no.

"Take it, if I take it I will throw it," I said firmly and she had no choice just to take it.

I joked but she takes it seriously, just how I like it.

"Thanks, madam, and have a nice day." She said softly and we smiled in return.

We got in the car with the help of our driver.

She is very familiar with her brown eyes, brown hair and her honesty remind me of someone.

There are two employees they are husband and wife, very loyal and most trusted employees.

One time, our assistant forgot the suitcase on the airplane she rode. We owned the airline and airplane of course. The suitcase has $3 million inside of it. Luckily our employees Vincent and her wife found it and immediately returned to LOST AND FOUND. We are relieved cause our client wants cash that is why we brought cash.

Their honesty is a gem.

They resigned after years. They said they are going to build their own business as for a support; we gave them a bonus that can help their start of business.

We don't have any contact with them anymore, sad reality.

The car stopped, we got out and headed toward the house.

I seat in the hot seat to rest and also my husband. I asked my maid to bring us some water.

"The girl is very familiar I think I saw her a long time ago. " My husband said, massaging his temple.

"Yes, she is and her honesty reminds me of the couple who found our money," I said with a smile.

"Did you notice her eyes and cheek?" He asked. He noticed it too; I am not only the one.

"Yeah, I saw there is a mark of fingers like someone slap her," I said and he nods in agreement.

"I'll try to investigate her. Silently," he said.

He picked up the telephone beside him and dialed numbers.

"I want you to investigate someone... Yeah, do background checks.... silently...We met a girl in the green mart named Aviana...Yes... She worked there... I need you to do it right now. ... Inform me tomorrow. He said firmly and ended the call.

He turned his face to me.

"I'll just go to my office," he said and I nod.

I headed towards our living room where the pics are in the drawers of our employees and successful moments.

After scanning the album. I saw the familiar brown eyes and brown hair. I was clearly shocked she looks like her the one I met in the grocery.

She looks like Vincent's wife.

Is Vincent hurting her daughter? Or his wife is hurting her daughter?

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