Chapter 5

Aviana Sailor

"No please, I-I am begging you" I sobbed while letting my tears flow.

Earlier while I am working Autumn bid farewell to me cause she will start her new work tomorrow. She already resigns in our work. I gave her $100 dollars for her to buy decent work clothes for the company. She denies it at first but she did not win on me.

Minutes later, I got a text from my uncle to come to the house early. When I came into the house he started talking about this whole marriage thing.

"I will not take no as an answer." My uncle said firmly.

"Pl-please" I sobbed and kneel down at him.

"Yeah, Dad why is she the one marrying Grey's sons. I am more beautiful and not boring unlike her uhhhh filthy bitch." Miranda said in an irritated tone.

"I can leave if you want. I promise you I will give you my salary every month." I said.

"No" he said firmly. His hand grabbed my hair and pulled me into the bathroom and positioned my head in the hole of the toilet bowl.

"You will only say YES!" He yelled.

"Pl-please, Pl-ease. I will work three jobs if needed,” I said while crying before he can throw my head into the toilet bowl.

Miranda interrupted.

"Dad let me, I will teach this ugly bitch,” Miranda said in her laughing tone.

Uncle let go of my hair and I winced in pain.


"Yes or No" Miranda said firmly with her hand, grabbing my hair.

"Pl-eammmmmmm" I said hurriedly but her hand got the control of my head and pushed me into the water of the toilet.


I can't breathe anymore. I am super tired and exhausted.

"Y-yes" I said softly. No more energy left.

I am tired to fight.

"Good now, clean up the house and yourself cause this is your goodbye thanking for us," Miranda said annoyingly.

I got up hurriedly and go to my room to get some clothes to change after I shower.

I relaxed myself and started cleaning.

After I cleaned the whole house. I headed to the bedroom. My tears started to flow.

'Mom, Dad, why? Why they are doing this to me? Did I do something wrong? Did I killed somebody?' I asked in my mind with anger.

All of their wants and don't want I respectively followed. I obey what they said. I never complain.



All I have the savings, my salary, myself.

They got it all

I can't go to my friend, I am not allowed to rest. Is life always like this?

Almost, All of my time I spend it cleaning the house, cooking for them, or working at the mart.

I will never get the taste of my own work if I didn't have a salary increased.

I am always praying and saying to God that I am thankful for what I got.

I only have one wish in life to have my own freedom.




I can decide whatever I want.

I think this is my fate to be lonely and controlled forever.

"Mom, could you come and just get me? So we can live happily there? " I whispered.

" I am ready to go with you there." I sobbed

I cried harder and harder

"Life is too short to give up my angel." I heard my mom saying in my dreams

I fall asleep.


I woke up with my alarm and got up. I looked at my small mirror my eyes are red and puffy. I am just going to get up and get ready for work but my door burst open.

"There is a limousine waiting in front of the door. You will go fit your gown for the wedding" My Auntie said with a smile on her face.

"B-but I have," I said but she cut me off. I have my work.

"No buts, Just go get ready," she said before she could leave.

"When is the wedding?" I asked softly

"Next week, and then we could have shopping again." She said laughing and I just nod.

I am tired of crying. I don't have a choice just to obey them. After I got ready. I saw the car in front of our house. I wore my work uniform so if I am done I can go to work immediately.

This is the first time I ride an expensive car. I always ride a bus or walk.

After fitting a gown. The gown is really simple but elegant. I guess I really can't have my own dream wedding filled with love, happiness, and trust. Where can I taste my own freedom?

In which I can decide my own choice, what I want. My so-called family was controlling everything.

I spend half a day of my work at my break time I called Autumn and Azelea about this. I told them not to tell anybody. They feel so sorry that they can't do anything. I think this was God want for me.

Autumn said to me that she was fine just she is busy working, typing, and attending meetings on her first day. She even promises me to treat me if get her first paycheck. I don't know where she works. I forgot to ask but I am thankful she is doing fine.

I am at my destination right now. I bought a small Leche flan and I am eating it right now. It did not cost too much cause it is a small serving.

It is so delicious and creamy.

"Let's just wait for the day to come" I muttered under my breath while looking at the view.

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