Chapter 7

Zayn Grey

We arrived here at my parent's house.

"Loser as always," Blaine said blankly and tossed his keys to one of the drivers.

I won the race. It's always either Blaine or I will win the race, Jacob always gets the last.

"My fucking girl called me that's why I can't focus on the road. You guys want one?" Jacob protested and smirked at us.

"You have to fuckin stop flirting," I said in a serious tone.

Blaine just slapped Jacob's head causing him to wince in pain.


We walked to the doorway. The maids greeted us and informed us that our parents are waiting in dining. We used to live here when we are young.

We headed toward the dining room and saw our parents waiting patiently with a half-smile on their faces.

I wonder what is wrong.

We greeted and hugged them.

My dad in the middle of the table, my mom at his left, and we sit at the right.

"I made spicy crabs for us." My mom said, serving the food on the table.

Our dinner will not be complete without spicy crabs and some desserts. We love sweets.

"Thanks, Mom," We said in unison.

" Go eat and after that, you will eat a dessert that we discovered," My dad said.

We used to be like this in our dinner.

After eating the main dish, we ate our dessert.

My mom said it is called Leche flan. It is so creamy and very sweet, just how I like it.

"Like it," Blaine said, adding more into his mouth.

"Delicious" Jacob added

"Creamy" I finished.

"It is a Filipino dessert, your dad chose it. He is an expert." Mom said while laughing.

" Where can we buy it? I will treat my girls." Jacob said annoyingly. Everyone turned to look at him.

I shot him a glare.

"Just joking" he added, scratching the back of his head.

"Green Mart, It is a grocery store near the grocery we used to shop." My mom said.

This is our new favorite I think by the looks of their faces. Especially Blaine who is emotionless, that is now clear in happiness.

After our dinner, we sat in the living room just to chill.


"FUCKING HELL NO!" I yelled, I know I am being disrespectful.

"Where are your manners son?" My mom asks.

"You would control my marriage mom? Dad?"

I questioned, trying to be calm.

I can't believe my parents are controlling my marriage.

"We will meet you outside. Love you, Mom, and Dad." Blaine said and kissed my mom and dad's cheeks.

"Someone  is hooked up" Jacob teased and I slapped him on the head.

"Not now, Jacob" Blaine warned and exit holding Jacob's ear.

"Love you Mom and Dad" Jacob shouts in pain.

"This girl is best for you, son. I promise you will not regret it." My mom said with pure trust.

"No, mom, not now and not ever," I protests.

"Son this girl deserves you and you deserve her to," Dad added.

"I. Will. Not. Agree. To. That. Stupid. Marriage. The stupid paparazzi will come again to our company 24/7 pestering us. And I never loved that girl, why should I marry her?" I said firmly nearly shouting.

My mom's eyes started to pool.

"Please son, we will never ask for anything. You guys can be married in private. If you care about your reputation." She pleaded her voice is begging.

I don't fucking care about my reputation. I am just sick paparazzi don't give us a fuckin peace every time there is a rumor spreading but I care about my mom and dad's happiness.

"We will sign the papers for you guys to have a fair share in both companies before the wedding and before we go to the Philippines." My dad stated calmly.

"Fine," I said hesitantly.

I walked over to my mom and soothed her back to calm her down.

"You will not regret this, Thank you, son," They said in unison. I just gave them a curt nod

I don't know what else to say.

I bid goodbye and kissed them on the cheek.

"You are going to regret this gold digger," I muttered coldly under my breath, walking to the garage.

I walked over to my car and saw Blaine and Jacob.

"I'm driving you," Blaine said, I nodded and threw him my keys. He knows when I am not in a terrible mood like this.

I didn't expect this to happen also.

"You okay Zayn? What will happen?" Jacob asked in concern.

"I agree, I don't have a choice," I said and frowned.

"That gold digger will regret this agreement," I said coldly, pure in anger.

Jacob and Blaine shake their head in disagreement.

"I am gonna come. Do you want to drink? Let's cheer you up." Jacob said seriously.

"Come on," I said and slid into the car.

They will never leave you in misery like this. We love each other even though we don't say it.

Action speaks louder than voice.

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