The bustling activities outside didn't manage to disturb a man and a woman as they stayed inside the car.

While the woman's eyes occasionally roamed around; as though she was searching for someone, the man behind the steering wheel would look at her before he followed her gaze. He clasped his hands together to cushion his head as he leaned back in a relaxed manner.

Lucas enjoyed the atmosphere that he couldn't help but close his eyes for a short while. When he opened them again, he turned his head, finding his vague reflection in the car window staring back at him.

His hair had turned slightly white on certain parts while his skin had gotten some wrinkles. He had aged a lot, considering it had been more than ten years since he made that promise.

"What makes them take so long?" The middle-aged woman's eyes still kept on looking out, staring at the high school young boys and girls outside.


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