Chapter 9

Savannah woke up to find that she was placed in the passenger seat and the car was speeding fast. The hobo man even had gotten a bag of snacks, popping the content to his mouth while he fed the cat as well.

Savannah was offered the bag of snack by Mr. Hernandez, saying that they couldn't stop by a restaurant due to not wanting to be late. Savannah accepted it, nodding.

Mr. Hernandez had walked by himself this morning to buy fuel from a nearby village. Savannah was sleeping, so was the hobo man. He didn't want to wake up them. He had gotten them a few snacks as well to fill their empty stomach.

He also thought that Savannah would be safe with him. Not that he trusted him. He just felt that he wouldn't dare to try anything.

As for the cat, let's just say he tried to get rid of it after he had gotten the fuel. The little thing was meowing loudly, clawing at his suit that it woke up the hobo man. He instantly clutched the cat protectively in h
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